Andy Ross of Vancouver, Washington, was out running errands when he came across a mother and her small daughter in a completely unexpected way.

He observed a young girl staring at him as he entered a shop. He stated that a long day of labor at his building site had left some dirt on his face.

The little girl and her mother eventually found themselves before Andy as he paid, still staring at him.

Andy noticed the mother pointing at him as they moved toward the door. She said gently, “That is why you must stay in school.”

Wow. Andy, dating Jenna and a loving father to his son, had some harsh words for the opinionated mother. On Facebook, he shared an open letter to her explaining the importance of never judging a book by its cover.

You see, there were a lot of things about Andy that they were unaware of.

While conducting errands, Andy Ross of Vancouver, Washington, had an unexpectedly moving interaction with a critical mother and her little daughter.

His amazing reaction is currently going viral on Facebook:

“So today, I had a fascinating ‘educational’ talk with a mom and her daughter. Before I arrived home, a young girl kept glancing at me as I entered the store. That’s all right. Kids are naturally fascinated when they see someone, especially if they are as filthy as I am. They finally got in front of me as I was paying.”

“The little kid continued to stare, and her mother urged her to stop.”

“That is why you need to stay in school; her mother said to the young girl as they concluded and moved towards the door.”

“I reasoned that now would be an excellent moment to enlighten this mother and her daughter, perhaps 7 or 8 years old.”

“We had the following conversation: ‘First off, I’m a highly intelligent dirty man. I hold numerous medical certifications, a college degree, and a high school certificate.”

“Therefore, presuming I am uninformed based on my appearance is highly foolish in and of itself.”

“Second, I say that ordering your kid to stay in school just because I have tattoos all over my arms will stifle her creativity and possibly impair her imagination as she grows.”

“In opposition to your point once more, ma’am. I take great pride in the tattoos and body art that Forrest Bateman has put on me.”

“It symbolizes my patriotism in my nation and my duty as special operations medic over several combat tours.”

“Third, you might not grasp it if you’re referring to the hat (not shown) I’m wearing because it has an elk on it.”

“I happen to be a co-owner of Evergreen State Outdoors. I’m glad to be a part of the outdoor industry and support my right to hunt and possess firearms legally.”

“At long last, I decided to work in the construction sector. I take pride in the fact that I helped to create America, and I look forward to going to work each day.”

“When I left the army, I tried working a desk job, but it wasn’t for me.”

“I like being outside and doing manual labor.”

“Therefore, it comes with being filthy on occasion.”

“I have benefits, an excellent job, and no trouble supporting my family.”

“Therefore, my appearance has nothing to do with my IQ or desire for further education. Have a good day, and try not to condemn people before you know anything about them, was all I said before leaving the two.”

“Wishing her luck with the young girl.”