Ronnie Hillman, a former Denver Broncos running back who won a Super Bowl with the team, died abruptly at the age of 31.

“It is with tremendous regret that we must inform you of the loss of Ronnie K. Hillman Jr., who his family cherished as a son, brother, and father,” the NFL player’s family said in a statement posted on social media.

“Ronnie died tonight in the presence of his family and close friends,” the statement said. “He did so in a serene and quiet manner.”

“The family wishes to convey their appreciation for all of the prayers and kind words that have already been shared. We would appreciate it if you could allow us some room and time to process our emotions as we prepare to bury our beloved RJ.”

“Further information will be made available shortly,” they concluded. ” With best wishes, The Family.”

Ronnie’s death was announced in a statement sent by his family.

Just the day before, his family broke the news to him about his illness by writing: “Despite the fact that expressing this information is tough, we believe doing so is vital.”

In August of this year, Ronnie was diagnosed with renal medullary cancer. Cancer of the renal medullary tissue, commonly known as renal medullary carcinoma (RMC), is an uncommon but deadly tumor that typically affects young African Americans with sickle cell trait.

“Unfortunately, the treatment did not work, and now our dearly loved RJ is getting Hospice Care, where he is kept comfortable and is no longer in pain.”

“We have the kind of faith that can move mountains, and as a family, we have hope that surpasses imagination. Furthermore, we recognize that God’s will does not always coincide with our own; hence, as a family, we submit to the omnipotent God’s will.”

“We could use your prayers right now, but we’d also appreciate your understanding and respect for Ronnie and our family’s wish for privacy.”