Rod Stewart, the legendary British rock star, is widely known for his music career and eventful personal life. From multiple marriages and relationships, Rod Stewart has experienced it all. However, it was his connection with his third wife, Penny Lancaster, that truly transformed him into the devoted husband he is today.

A Life of Love and Children

Rod Stewart has a total of six children from four different women. His oldest child, Sarah, is from a relationship he had as a teenager. He then had two children, Kimberly and Sean, with his first wife, Alana Hamilton, whom he later married. Together, they welcomed their daughter Ruby during Stewart’s relationship with Kelly Emberg. After that, Stewart married Rachel Hunter and had two children, Renee and Liam.

Rod Stewart and His Children

Searching for Genuine Love

After years of failed relationships and two unsuccessful weddings, Rod Stewart had given up on finding true love. However, everything changed when he met Penny Lancaster, a supermodel who won his heart. They dated for seven years before Stewart proposed to her in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Since then, they have been together for 24 years. Stewart attributes his transformation into a devoted husband to Lancaster.

A Love That Defies Words

Rod Stewart often expresses his awe and gratitude for his wife’s unwavering love and acceptance. He once said, “I am lost for words. They have not invented the words for how I feel about her. She is everything.” Stewart admits that he was unaware of the factors that contribute to a happy and lasting marriage until he married Lancaster. She showed him the joy of being a devoted and loving husband.

Family Comes First

Despite his love for his wife, Rod Stewart always puts his children first, regardless of his love life. He cherishes his role as a father and has said, “I cannot get enough of them.” Stewart believes in the importance of being present and involved in his children’s lives no matter what.

Empowering Each Other

Stewart emphasizes that his relationship with Penny Lancaster is a partnership where they uplift and support each other. When they first met, Lancaster was quiet and reserved. However, Stewart boosted her self-confidence, and she enjoyed a successful modeling career. Together, they have two children, Alastair and Aiden. While they faced challenges, including two miscarriages before conceiving Alastair through IVF, they remained committed to each other.

Quality Time and Communication

The couple values quality time together and aims to maintain a strong bond. They make it a point to have breakfast or dinner together and constantly check in on one another. They also established a rule not to be apart for more than ten days. Communication is key, and they discuss everything openly, including the changes Penny experiences during menopause.

Embracing New Phases of Life

As Penny Lancaster entered menopause, she faced several physical and emotional changes. She shared her journey with her husband and sons, who provide unwavering support. Despite negative comments about her body, Lancaster embraces her post-menopausal self and wears it with pride. Her husband, Rod Stewart, adores her and considers her the most beautiful woman in his life.

A Beautiful Family Bond

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster have built a beautiful family together, filled with love and devotion. Their journey showcases the transformation of Rod Stewart from a rock star to a devoted husband. Share this article with your loved ones to celebrate the wonderful bond that the Stewarts have created!