Rod Stewart has spoken up about the terrifying experience he and Penny Lancaster had when their son Aiden seemed to be having a heart attack.

Rod claimed in an interview with the magazine FourFourTwo that his 11-year-old son Aiden was playing football when he turned blue, which completely shocked Rod.

“He was getting blue and unconscious till he cooled down,” Rod explained. “It appeared to be a scary situation, but it turned out to be a panic attack.”

We hope this event does not discourage the young guy from playing football. The family built a football pitch at their Essex house in 2017, and followers of their Instagram account could see images of it.

“Love the football field!” said one of the viewers. While another described him as “the man who made a football pitch in his lawn.”

Penny has also shared insights into the family home’s setting through video interviews conducted in the bedroom.

The room also includes a range of lighting options, such as fringe bedside lights and vintage wall uplights.

Rod and Penny raise their two young sons, Aiden and Alastair, at home. The musician has eight children in total, the oldest of whom are Sarah, Kimberly, and Sean.

Aiden is the singer’s youngest kid, having been born when he was 66 years old. This is in stark contrast to Rod’s first child, who was born in 1963, while he was still in his adolescence.

Sarah Streeter, the child of Rod Stewart and his then-partner Susannah Boffey, was adopted and raised by the couple Gerald and Evelyn Thubron. Rod Stewart inspired the name Sarah Streeter.