Rod Stewart, the iconic singer who has captured the hearts of millions throughout the years, is thrilled to share some surprising news about his ever-expanding family! At the age of 78, Rod Stewart’s love for his family knows no bounds, including his children and grandchildren.

But guess what? There’s going to be a new addition to the Stewart family soon, and we can’t contain our excitement! So, let’s dive right into the heartwarming details.

Rod Stewart, fondly known for his chart-topping hits like “Maggie May,” has always had a way with children, considering he has eight of his own. Recently, he embraced the role of a doting grandfather for the first time when his daughter Ruby welcomed her little bundle of joy into the world on May 9. Ruby and her fiancé Jake Kalic are the proud parents.

But the surprises didn’t end there! Just a few days after becoming a grandfather, Rod’s son Liam shared the incredible news of his own growing family. On May 12, Liam and his partner Nicole Ann joyfully welcomed their son, Louie, into the world. Rod’s heart must be bursting with love for his two newest grandsons!

Liam proudly shared adorable pictures of baby Louie on Instagram, captioning them with, “Hey there, little one! You’re a mix of American, British, Croatian, and Kiwi.” It’s clear that this family is embracing their multicultural heritage with open arms.

Liam is Rod Stewart’s son from his previous marriage to Rachel Hunter. Overjoyed with the arrival of her grandson, Rachel shared her excitement with a heartwarming message: “Welcome, beautiful angel.” Even Rod’s current wife, Penny Lancaster, couldn’t contain her joy and left a heartfelt comment, saying, “Congratulations! That’s the look of love. Can’t wait for a hug.”

But the happy news doesn’t stop there! Liam and Nicole, the proud parents of baby Louie, have another reason to celebrate. They recently announced their engagement on Instagram by sharing a photo featuring the word “Forever” and a diamond ring emoji. The affectionate couple can be seen gazing at each other lovingly in the picture, with Nicole showing off her stunning engagement ring.

The Stewart family couldn’t be happier about these incredible milestones, and the outpouring of love and support from family and friends is simply magical. Penny Lancaster expressed her joy with a heart emoji, adding, “So magical, congratulations.” Liam’s sister, Rudy, playfully commented, “Finally! Love you both! Congratulations!” And even Liam’s brother, Alastair, joined in the excitement with a comment saying, “Great vibes!”

We can’t help but share in the festivities as the Rod Stewart family grows even bigger and embarks on new joyous adventures. Let’s join together in congratulating the Stewart family and spreading the news to fellow Rod Stewart fans so that they too can celebrate this incredible journey of love and togetherness!