The public is familiar with Robert Irwin as the late Steve Irwin’s son.

Along with his mother Terri and sister Bindi, Robert Irwin has put in a lot of effort over the past 10 years at the family’s Australia Zoo, pleasing fans of the Irwins from all around the world.

After his most recent near-death incident, his fans are shocked by his behavior.

The son of Australian zoologist Steve Irwin posted a disturbing promo for his family’s television show, It’s The Irwins, on Instagram.

The Animal Planet clip shows the 18-year-old feeding Casper the crocodile in its cage. But when the creature continues to try to strike him, Irwin chooses to “bail.”

Robert Irwin, the son of Steve Irwin, has been canceled from the internet as a result of recent audio that some are calling “extremely frightening.”

After watching the video, one viewer exclaimed, “Just like his dad torturing and bothering animals for fun!”

“Aren’t you just inciting these creatures to have a specific, entertainment-focused response?” another person questioned. The crocodiles’ program is nothing more than a scam, despite the fact that your conservation efforts are excellent.

Third person: “Let’s cancel this foolishness with all this cancel culture going on.  Provide shelter and safety for the animals. Get them out of the zoos, what kind of life is that?”

Others, on the other side, identified themselves as watchers and praised Irwin for his work.

One individual said, “Watched a few episodes yesterday.” I really enjoy the show. You have all made your father proud.”

“I don’t understand why you’re so much like him, even though you’re your own person.”

One fan exclaimed, “Robert is as dedicated to animals as his father was on God’s glorious Earth.”

Irwin wrote in the controversial post’s caption, “We value natural behavior with our crocs. When you get inside their enclosures with them and watch them put on those stunning strikes from the water’s edge, they get to express all of their predatory impulses, which they really enjoy.”

“You must know when to seek assistance because our safety is also crucial. And because Casper was such a powerful and quick crocodile, we had no choice but to leave.”

“When I’m in there helping the animals my father loves, I myself feel the closest to him. It gives me a surge of excitement and is fun for me to do.”

Robert said, “So many of our crocodiles are the originals, the ones we’ve worked with from day one. It is a wonderful honor for me to continue that legacy.”

They are undoubtedly dangerous, but they are also amazing beings deserving of our admiration.

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