Richard Gere, the charismatic and sought-after leading man in Hollywood, now takes pride in being a devoted father to his grown-up son, Homer James Jigme Gere. Homer bears a striking resemblance to his famous dad and has become even more handsome than Richard was in his youth.

Homer is the oldest son of Richard Gere and his second ex-wife, Carey Lowell, known for her work in the series “Law & Order” and as the Bond girl in “Licence to Kill.” Richard’s first marriage to top model Cindy Crawford ended in 1995, partly because he did not want children. However, in 2000, Richard welcomed Homer with Carey Lowell, and this became the center of his life.

Rich with pride, Richard named his son after his own father. He once expressed that Homer is the joy of his life, describing him as a music lover, a fast runner, highly intelligent, and blessed with a wonderful sense of humor and irony.

Over the years, Homer has remained mostly out of the public eye, shielded from the spotlight by his parents. However, fans caught a glimpse of him when he accompanied his father to the Giffoni Film Festival in Italy in 2014.

Homer, a bright young man, has been attending the prestigious Brown University since 2019. He is a student at the University’s School of Public Health, pursuing a Bachelor of Art with a major in Cognitive Neuroscience and Visual Arts. As a research assistant, he is actively involved in his studies and is scheduled to graduate in 2024.

Despite being part of a famous family, Homer does not have a prominent social media presence. His Facebook page has remained inactive since around 2018.

Homer’s parents went through a lengthy divorce proceeding that was finally granted in 2016. The custody battle for Homer, then 15 years old, and Richard’s substantial estate, valued at approximately $250 million, took four years to resolve. Eventually, the couple agreed to share custody of Homer, who shares a close bond with both his mother and father.

After the divorce, Homer was captured enjoying a beach vacation in Italy with his father and Richard’s future wife, Alejandra Silva. The trio appeared relaxed and in good spirits.

At the age of 18, Homer became a big brother when his father married political activist Alejandra Silva, who is 33 years his junior. In 2019, they welcomed their first child, Alexander. Photographs of the Gere family during their leisure time show Richard and Homer working out together, while Alejandra lovingly cares for the baby. Richard’s commitment to fitness is evident as he keeps up with his son’s energy and proves he is still in great shape.

Although Homer’s second baby brother was born in 2020, his parents have chosen not to share his name or much information about him. The two younger Gere boys are now toddlers, but the family remains private about their lives.