Imagine receiving a generous bonus of $10,000 simply for being dedicated and never missing a day of work. That’s exactly what happened to Khoury Booze, an employee at a KFC location in Macon, Georgia. Khoury’s commitment to his job paid off, and now he plans to use his bonus to support his family and take care of his vehicle.

For nearly three decades, Khoury has been working tirelessly at KFC, putting in eight-hour shifts five days a week. He has become well-acquainted with the fryers and the ins and outs of the fast-food industry. However, his responsibilities go beyond just serving food. WMAZ, a local news outlet, reported this heartwarming story on December 31, 2021.

The branch manager, Christina Braddy, made it clear that Khoury didn’t receive the bonus directly. Instead, all employees who worked every single day were entered into a lottery, and by some stroke of luck, Khoury was chosen as the recipient. His dedication and hard work truly made him stand out among his peers, and his supervisor commended him for his exceptional performance. Khoury is not someone you have to ask for help; he takes it upon himself to supervise the process and show up to work every single day with unwavering commitment. When Khoury shared the news with his mother, she couldn’t believe it at first and thought he was joking.

Now that Khoury has won this remarkable prize, he plans to treat his family to a well-deserved vacation and take care of some necessary vehicle maintenance. However, his loyalty extends beyond his immediate family.

He considers his colleagues at KFC as an extension of his own family. He cherishes the strong bond they share, saying, “At work, I have a family. We stick together, support each other, and everything feels like home.” His advice to young people starting their careers at KFC is to work hard, save money, and see what opportunities arise in the long run.

In contrast to Khoury’s exceptional bonus, another long-standing employee, Kevin Ford, celebrated his 27th anniversary at Burger King with a less extravagant gift.

He received a bag of Reese’s, a few candy tubes, two pens, a reusable Starbucks cup, and a movie ticket. While Kevin appreciated the gesture, he humorously mentioned that the gift seemed like “something they had lying around.” Each company may have its own way of recognizing employees, but it’s clear that Khoury’s dedication at KFC truly paid off in a remarkable way.

Watch the heartwarming video of Khoury’s story: