Richard Gere is in mourning following his father’s death, Homer, at 100.

According to sources, Homer Gere, a long-time community volunteer in North Syracuse, died on March 1 in Downstate, New York.

Homer was significantly involved in his son’s life and inspired him to strive for greatness before embarking on a career that would see Richard reach the dazzling heights of the entertainment industry.

Alejandra, Richard’s wife, announced Homer’s death on March 4 when she shared the narrative of his life on Instagram.

“Homer George Gere, a community organizer in North Syracuse, has died in North Salem, New York,” she began her post. “He was 100 years old when he died on March 1, 2023.”

Gere was renowned in the community as a skilled entrepreneur and was honored for his efforts as a volunteer for North Area Meals on Wheels until his retirement at 65.

He was featured in national advertising alongside his son Richard Gere as a supporter of that non-profit organization.”

Richard has not publicly remarked on his father’s death, so we can only presume he is in shock. The Beautiful Woman star routinely talked about his father’s support in interviews and had named Homer his “idol.”

Richard and other family gathered at a restaurant just a few months ago to celebrate Homer’s 100th birthday.

Pastabilities, one of Armory Square’s oldest eateries, hosted the birthday party in May 2022.

After the party, the restaurant uploaded a photo with the caption: “Richard Gere came into Pasta’s today to celebrate his father’s 100th birthday.”

According to stories, Homer influenced Richard’s life so much that he named his son Homer after him.

Richard Gere, 73, was hospitalized while on vacation in Mexico with his family, including his wife, Alejandra Silva, and their two daughters.

The actor is said to have caught the flu while on vacation. It was later revealed that the actor from The American Gigolo already had a cough, which had worsened in Mexico. He went to the hospital because of his aggravated coughing and was diagnosed with pneumonia. The actor was admitted to the hospital for observation but was released the next day.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Richard Gere and his family at this tough time. Losing a loved one is never easy, regardless of their age, so we hope the blow can be lessened by happy memories of the past.

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