One careless motion, such as tossing them into your purse or onto the dashboard of your car, will scuff up your lovely pair of glasses or those wonderful designer shades. If you don’t want to part with that pair and don’t want to spend money changing the lenses, there is a way to save them.

Here are several do-it-yourself methods for removing scratches from glass and sunglasses.

However, before you get started, make sure you wear gloves and read the manufacturer’s instructions. You should even test them on a spare set of lenses first. Furthermore, never use abrasive solutions or fabric on your lenses.


For around 10 seconds, gently rub some toothpaste on your lens with a cotton or soft wool towel in a circular motion. Rinse your lens with cold water and pat dry. Repeat as needed for difficult scratches or until the scratch is gone. If you have an anti-scratch coating, this may take some time.

Baking Soda

Combine baking soda and water to make a paste. Apply some of the paste to your lens and rub it in a circular motion using a cotton or wool cloth. Wipe it dry after rinsing it with cold water. You may need to repeat the process to completely erase the scratch.

Car Wax

You may also use car wax to remove scratches from your lens by applying it with a soft clean cloth and gently rubbing the damage away.

Windshield Water Repellent

Apply some water repellent to the windshield using a towel and gently rub it in for a few seconds. This works best on surface scratches and also repels dirt and moisture, preventing your glasses from fogging up.

Brass/Silver Polish

This is yet another technique that should never be used on glass. However, it will work on plastic lenses. Wipe on the metal polish with a cotton ball and buff out any scratches. Remove any excess polish with a towel.

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