Prince William, in a touching moment, recently opened up about his cherished memories with his late mother, Princess Diana. These memories offer a glimpse into the loving and joyful moments they shared together.

When it was time to go back to school, Princess Diana had a special way of easing the anxieties of her sons, William and Harry. She would play upbeat 80s music in the car, creating a comforting and joyful atmosphere. One song, in particular, holds a special place in Prince William’s heart – Tina Turner’s “The Best.”

He vividly remembers sitting in the backseat, singing along with his mother at the top of their voices. Even the police officer who accompanied them on occasion would join in the singing. The music would continue all the way to the school gates, creating a wonderful family moment.

Today, whenever Prince William hears “The Best,” it instantly takes him back to those precious car rides and brings back fond memories of his mother. The power of music to evoke emotions and transport us to special moments is truly remarkable.

Princess Diana Would Sing This 80s Song In The Car With Sons William And Harry To Ease Back-To-School Anxieties

Prince William also shared his own morning routine with his own family, which involves music as well. Each morning, his children, Charlotte and George, engage in a playful rivalry of choosing the morning song. William ensures fairness by taking turns allowing each of them to pick the song. This creates a lively and joyful start to their day as they dance, sing, and enjoy one another’s company.

These heartwarming stories remind us of the special bond between a parent and child. They inspire us to create similar moments of joy and connection with our own loved ones.