The Australian actor, best known for his role as the series’ explorer Mike Dundee, has battled a number of devastating health challenges, including a benign growth on his kidneys. Paul Hogan, 83, has also stated that he is too weak to even open a jar.

The source of his disease was determined to be retroperitoneal fibrosis, which causes the growth to encircle the abdominal aorta and press on his kidney.

In an interview with Tracy Grimshaw, anchor of A Current Affair, the veteran actor described the condition, stating he had “lost all of his body fat.”

The actor said that the negative consequences on his health made him want to flee to Australia from the $3.5 million Venice Beach home he shares with his son Chance, 24.

Paul stated, “I’ve been getting better.” “The treatment fixed the aorta’s renal condition, but it made me smaller.”

“I just…,” he continued. ” I lost all of my body fat, my muscles shrank, and my strength left me. I ask Chance to assist me in opening jars.”

“Many of my diet-conscious friends dislike me because I try to eat anything fatty and lardous you can think,” he added.

Corticosteroids, according to Paul, were administered to limit the growth, and he is currently working to regain his strength.

“They’re supposed to make you fat and weaken your muscles, but he kept getting slimmer and leaner,” he explained.

“Because having no body fat makes you feel the cold a lot more, I’m now attempting to gain some weight.”

The Crocodile Dundee star is currently fitted with a pacemaker and claims to be “kept together by string” as he strives to regain his health.

Paul said that he was “still fit” and in good health until the age of 79, but that after that, “things start to go apart.”

Because he has gotten “bored” of Los Angeles, the actor has declared that he would be “happier” to live in Sydney.

The Australian actor and comedian previously stated that he would not abandon his adult son, who was born in the United States.

“The only family [Chance] has is me,” Paul said.

Chance’s grandparents, as well as all of his other close relatives, have died, according to the Australian superstar.

Paul has a child with his Crocodile co-star and ex-wife Linda Kozlowski.

He claims that all of his pals, bandmates, musical friends, girlfriends, and other close friends are Americans.

“He has me all to himself, whereas my tribe back home has each other,” the speaker explained.

The actor had five further children from his first marriage to Noelene Edwards.

The well-known actor, who made millions of dollars from the film office hits Crocodile Dundee (1986) and Crocodile Dundee II (1988), has revealed that he will visit Australia before Christmas.