Aaron Carter’s death is the subject of recent investigations. Three days after the terrible and unexpected death of the former pop sensation, authorities have revealed that they found evidence of compressed air canisters and a variety of pharmaceuticals in Carter’s bedroom and bathroom, according to Yahoo!

Aaron Carter, who passed away on November 5, was only 34 years old. In less than a month, he was supposed to turn 35.

What was discovered in Aaron Carter’s bathroom is revealed by the investigation into his death.

Carter’s housekeeping discovered him unconscious in his bathtub. According to early reports, Carter may have drowned in the bathtub.

Many people have more doubts, though, after hearing that air considers and other medications were discovered nearby in his house. Most of the time, Aaron has been very transparent about his struggles with drug addiction and inhaling.

According to additional accounts, Aaron’s body was submerged in his bathtub’s water “for some time.” At the scene, he was identified as deceased.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Carter’s ex-fiancee Melanie Martin and Aaron’s buddy Gary Madatyan said they were both given permission to enter Aaron’s home after the finding. Additionally, Melanie and Aaron are parents to a one-year-old son.

Madatyan claimed he thought Carter was puffing once more when speaking with him. Carter reportedly returned to rehab, according to reports from October, though it’s unclear for what reason.

“After removing the body from the residence, they only let a select few people inside. We only wanted to enter the premises to check for the presence of any blood, alcohol, or other substances,” Madatyan said.

Following Carter’s September Instagram Live session, Madatyan’s worries that Carter had relapsed had started to increase. “Me and Melanie started a text message conversation as soon as I saw [the Live], saying, ‘This is horrible. This is not good,’ we thought. We were concerned for him.

Madatyan continued, “He had a dreadful appearance. He shrank so considerably. His behavior was abnormal. His thoughts were elsewhere. I heard that he was taking a lot of medication—not necessarily illicit drugs—but a lot of medications anyway.”

Aaron had a rehab treatment appointment on Friday night, just hours before he was discovered dead, according to a later TMZ report. According to reports, Aaron skipped that meeting.

Aaron had already experienced the devastating loss of his sister Leslie in 2012, which left him dealing with trauma. And once more after his father’s untimely death in 2017.

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Carter’s relationship with his mother and older brother Nick Carter was rumored to be tumultuous. Despite their history, Nick was obviously devastated by Aaron’s passing.

After hearing about Aaron’s passing, he also posted a statement to Instagram.

“Today, my heart was shattered. My love for my brother has never diminished, even though we’ve had a difficult relationship,” Nick posted on Instagram alongside pictures of him and Aaron when they were younger.

Angel, Aaron’s identical twin sister, also made a statement.

Additionally, rumors from a few days earlier claimed Carter was stopped by police while operating an RV. Authorities had a hunch that he was driving while intoxicated.