Reba McEntire, the popular musician and actress, is not only adored for her talent but also for her down-to-earth personality. At 67 years old, this music legend has remained true to her country roots and values. Growing up on a ranch in Chockie, Oklahoma, Reba was not just a country girl by birth, but by heart as well. She helped with the cattle and even had a passion for barrel racing, just like her father and grandfather, who were famous rodeo champions.

Reba recently made a rare disclosure about her family life in an interview. She revealed how her country lifestyle had a profound influence on raising her one and only child, Shelby. Despite being a well-known figure in the music industry, Reba knew the importance of raising her son with caution and grounded values.

One principle Reba held close was the importance of keeping one’s word. She shared, “Mama and Daddy always said to me, ‘If you tell somebody you’re going to be somewhere at a certain time, you show up.’ That’s the way I was raised.” Her upbringing instilled in her the value of integrity and reliability, which she passed on to her son.

During Shelby’s upbringing, Reba faced challenging decisions but remained true to her principles. She refused to let Shelby win games or cards, believing that he wouldn’t learn anything that way. She always reminded him, “I’ll always love you, but I want other people to like you. So don’t be a little jerk. Don’t be a spoiled brat.” Reba and her ex-husband, Narvel Blackstock, raised Shelby to appreciate others and understand that everyone is equal.

Despite her fame and busy schedule, Reba made every effort to spend quality time with her son. She would take him on the road and even fly home after concerts to be with him. Reba wanted Shelby to feel loved and supported. She described him as a gift from God and their bond as being very close.

Reba has also been open about Shelby’s ADHD, a condition they faced together. While he struggled with reading when he was younger, Shelby has grown to enjoy reading immensely in his 30s. Reba is delighted to see her son’s growth and determination to improve himself.

Recently, Shelby tied the knot with his future wife, Marissa, in a fairytale-like ceremony at Walt Disney World. Reba couldn’t be happier for her son and his new chapter in life.

Reba McEntire’s parenting approach reflects her genuine nature and country values. By instilling integrity, humility, and love in her son, she has raised a remarkable young man. Let us know your thoughts on Reba’s parenting approach in the comments below!