Friends of Kate Middleton have expressed their dismay at the way the Princess was compelled to publicly reveal her cancer diagnosis, describing it as “almost desperate”. Following weeks of unfounded conspiracy theories about her health and whereabouts, the Princess of Wales released a candid video on Friday evening to discuss her heartbreaking diagnosis.

She admitted that she had initially wanted to explain things to her children first. The timing of the video coincided with the end of the school term for Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. This allows the Waleses to spend the Easter break together as a family.

The speculation surrounding Kate’s health has been relentless since she underwent an abdominal procedure in January and was hospitalized for 13 days. However, now that the truth is out, it is hoped that the distasteful conjecture will finally end. It is disheartening for Kate’s friends to see her subjected to such unnecessary scrutiny and gossip, especially during her most vulnerable moments.

Despite the constant media attention on the Princess, it is the scrutiny from the public that has weighed heavily on her. With no recent photographs or videos of Kate since Christmas, people began to grow restless. The lack of information from the Palace only fueled rumors that the royals were hiding something. But with Kate’s brave admission last week, many of the public’s questions have been answered, and it is expected that the gossip will finally cease.

A close friend of the Princess told The Sunday Times, “Catherine’s message was so honest. Isn’t it sad that she has to be so honest and share that because of all the nonsense that has been around? I feel like the whole world has been gossiping about her and there is so much bull**** out there about her and her family. It was almost desperate that she had to do it.” Another friend noted that Kate felt compelled to share her diagnosis because of her role as a public figure and her sense of responsibility. She also wants to continue with her active and normal routine as much as possible.

Now, let us hope that Princess Kate can make her recovery in relative peace. It is important for her to focus on her health and well-being during this challenging time.