Prince William, in a recent heartfelt confession, reminisced about a treasured family tradition from his childhood involving his beloved mother, Princess Diana. In order to alleviate the anxiety that often comes with the start of a new school year, Princess Diana would fill the car with upbeat 80s music, creating an atmosphere of comfort and joy for William and his brother, Harry.

Princess Diana Would Sing This 80s Song In The Car With Her Sons William And Harry To Ease Back-To-School Anxieties

One particular song holds an extraordinary place in Prince William’s heart – Tina Turner’s “The Best.” He fondly remembers sitting in the backseat, singing along with his mother at the top of their voices. Even the police officer who occasionally accompanied them would join in the spirited sing-alongs. The vibrant melodies would continue all the way to the school gates, crafting a beautiful and memorable family moment.

To this day, whenever Prince William listens to “The Best,” he is instantly transported back to those precious car rides, flooded with cherished memories of his mother’s love and warmth.

Prince William also shared a delightful glimpse into his own morning routine with his family, which involves the power of music as well. Each morning, his children Charlotte and George engage in a playful rivalry over selecting the morning song. To ensure fairness, Prince William takes turns allowing each of them to choose the song. This lively and joyful start to the day is marked by moments of dancing, singing, and cherishing one another’s company.