The family of Savanah Nicole Soto is facing a heart-wrenching ordeal. Savanah, who was due to give birth any day, has gone missing, leaving her loved ones in a state of panic. She was last seen in her apartment, just hours before she was scheduled to be induced at the hospital.

Savanah’s mother, Gloria Cordova, became concerned when her daughter never showed up at the hospital. She went to Savanah’s apartment, but there was no answer. The worry grew as they realized something was wrong.

A CLEAR Alert, which is an emergency alert system in Texas, has been issued for Savanah. It is believed that she may be in danger. Adding to the distress, Savanah’s boyfriend, Matthew Guerra, is also nowhere to be found.

Savanah was eagerly looking forward to becoming a mother. Her mother described her as joyful and excited about the new chapter in her life. But now, the family is filled with sorrow and uncertainty.

Amidst the worry, a Facebook post made by Savanah’s sister-in-law revealed accusations of abuse by Guerra. The post expressed concern for Savanah’s safety and urged her to come home. It is a heartbreaking situation that highlights the importance of recognizing and escaping abusive relationships.

The authorities are treating this case as a perplexing crime scene and are looking into the possibility of homicide. The community is rallying together in the hopes of finding Savanah and bringing her home safely.