Our beloved TV personality, Mike Wolfe from the popular show ‘American Pickers,’ is going through a tough time, and he needs our thoughts and prayers.

Mike Wolfe

‘American Pickers’ has entertained audiences for over a decade, capturing the hearts of antique and collectible enthusiasts. The show features Mike Wolfe and his former co-host Frank Fritz, who travelled across the United States in search of hidden treasures. From homes to garages and basements, they scoured the country for valuable items to resell or add to their own collections.

Sadly, Frank is no longer on the show, having left due to a severe back injury and a falling-out with Mike. Regardless of their personal differences, their TV partnership left an indelible mark on fans. However, there seems to be some tension between the two, as Frank revealed that they haven’t spoken in two years.

Frank and Mike

In addition to Frank’s departure, Mike recently experienced another devastating loss with the passing of Bob Peterson, a frequent guest on the show. Bob was not just a recurring character; he was Mike’s mentor and a true inspiration.

In a heartfelt tribute on Instagram, Mike shared photos and video clips of Bob, expressing his deep admiration and gratitude for the impact Bob had on his life. Bob embodied the joy of living and lived each day with passion and enthusiasm. Mike considered himself fortunate to have had such an incredible mentor by his side.

Bob Peterson

The news of Bob Peterson’s passing saddened fans of the show, who also expressed their condolences and shared their memories of watching Bob’s infectious laughter and his remarkable craftsmanship. Bob’s contributions to the show will always be remembered.

Bob's legacy

Let us join Mike Wolfe and the ‘American Pickers’ community in mourning the loss of Bob Peterson. May he rest in peace, knowing that he touched the lives of many and left a lasting legacy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mike during this challenging time.