Some people simply have a business instinct from birth. The winning combination includes this, combined with tenacity, risk-taking, and a desire to put one’s skills to the test in order to better utilize them.

Seth, an 11-year-old child from Utah, has already started a business, and his current marketing approach has many people in amazement.

He ultimately decided to offer something different instead of lemonade, so he moved closer to the sidewalk while holding a sign that read, “Ice Cold Beer.”

Some of the neighbors were worried that a youngster was selling alcohol, so they called the police, even though some thought this was sweet, and applauded him for beginning a business.

A few officers soon arrived at Seth’s booth, but instead of reprimanding him, they had a fantastic time.

It turned out that this young entrepreneur was selling root beer, but unlike the term “beer,” the word “root” was inscribed in tiny green letters.

The members of the Brigham City Police Department considered Seth’s poster sign an excellent marketing strategy. Honestly, not every child can pull something like that off.

Once the story appeared on the Internet, people couldn’t help but comment.

Some people said that whoever called the police on this young man should be ashamed of themselves, but the department didn’t agree. Instead, they replied, “Our citizens should never feel ashamed or embarrassed to call us. They were calling in what they felt was a suspicious circumstance. No harm, no foul.”

The officers even bought some root beer for $1 and advertised Seth’s business by sharing his cute story.

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