Charlotte Brosnan was secretly married only a few days before dying from the same sickness that killed her mother and grandmother.

After being carried down the aisle by her father, Pierce Brosnan, the then-42-year-old married her artist partner Alex Smith in 2013.

Unfortunately, she succumbed to ovarian cancer two weeks later.

Charlotte’s mother was Cassandra Harris, Pierce Brosnan’s first wife, whom he married in 1980.

Charlotte rose to prominence at a young age, first as the child of Cassandra Harris, a “Bond girl” who appeared in the film “For Your Eyes Only.”

Pierce adopted Charlotte and her brother Christopher when their biological father died in 1986.

They took his surname before acquiring a half-brother called Sean from their mother and Pierce.

Ovarian cancer, which had already claimed Cassandra Harris’ mother’s life, was found in 1987.

Cassandra died of ovarian cancer in 1991, when she was 43.

Charlotte’s mother’s death, according to sources, had a profound impact on her. She faced various hurdles, including despair and drug problems, due to watching her mother succumb to a horrific illness.

Charlotte entered a rehab clinic in England in 2003 to conquer her drug and alcohol addiction.

Charlotte pursued acting in the same field as her parents, but ovarian cancer would return to haunt her.

After realizing she had the same condition as her mother, Charlotte had to go through a challenging course of therapy.

Charlotte was able to maintain her positive attitude at this time.
Charlotte tragically died on June 28, 2013, when her family stood by her side. Her husband Alex, children Isabella and Lucas, and brothers Christopher and Sean were all by her side when she died.

Charlotte married Alex, her real love, only a few days before her sad death. They married in a private ceremony attended by only the couple and their loved ones.

Though it appears to be a sad moment now, a family friend who attended the wedding claimed it was a beautiful event.

“It was the most moving day of my life,” she says. It wasn’t the day to be depressed. Alex and Pierce were both beaming.”

Pierce paid tribute to his “darling daughter” Charlotte in a statement following her untimely demise. It’s one that still speaks to us today.

“On June 28th, my beloved daughter Charlotte Emily passed on to everlasting life after succumbing to ovarian cancer,” Brosnan told The Guardian.

“She was flanked by her husband Alex, children Isabella and Lucas, and brothers Christopher and Sean.

“Charlotte fought her cancer with uncommon elegance, humanism, courage, and dignity. The loss of our precious baby crushes our hearts. We pray for her and hope that treatment for this dreadful sickness will be found soon. We appreciate everyone’s sincere condolences.”

The former James Bond star had traveled back in the middle of filming for November Man in 2014 to be by his daughter’s bedside, just days after marrying her partner Alex Smith.

Although Charlotte is no longer present, her children have all grown up.

Her 21-year-old daughter Isabella, for example, resembles her late mother in appearance.

I sincerely hope she is secure and will never face the same difficulties as her mother and grandmother.

Cancer is a dreadful disease that we must all continue to battle.

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