In the past decade we took more photos than ever before. Smartphones, GoPros, and affordable cameras made documenting our environment much easier and cheaper.

Often, you have an idea in your head how your photo should look like. But when you snap it, you realize you didn’t time it right. However, there are occasions when everything falls into place, and you manage to get the most fantastic photo without even realizing it.

That’s exactly what happened with the following photos. Let’s take a closer look.

“Interstellar” Universe

A library from outer space. How otherworldly! It looks just like Interstellar. Do all libraries look like this? Maybe we should’ve visited them more often. This sure makes Arthur’s saying, “Having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card” even more true.

Can you believe this cool image is the result of library shelves being empty? People must be hitting up libraries a lot these days!

Rock On

Four people drinking tiny bottles of alcohol on a hike isn’t super out of the ordinary—right? We see three hands and four bottles. Who’s holding the fourth one? It must be a ghost.

Rock On

While a ghost would be cool, there’s actually a fourth hand that’s perfectly blended in with the rocks. You may even say it’s camouflaged. They picked the perfect day to wear camo. Do you see it yet?

Samara from “The Ring”

Yet another photo that’s giving off total horror movie vibes. Doesn’t she look like Samara from The Ring? She sure has us fooled with her long, dark hair. What we can’t seem to figure out is where the hand on her back is coming from.

Is she double joined or is a person hiding under her chair scratching her back? We’re really not sure which it is. What do you think?

Very Puddling

What a beautiful photo taken on top of a rock in a national park with the stunning greenery shining through. Upon closer look, you may see it’s a bit too glossy to be that.

It’s either a rocky pond with clear water that allows you to see the algae and moss at the bottom of it or a puddle. While we’re leaning toward the former, we’ll let you decide.

I’ll Save You

Oh no! This person looks like they’re falling right off the cliff. If only their friend could’ve grabbed onto their arm and pulled them back up. Or maybe he threw him off the edge? That may explain why he doesn’t look like he was even trying.

These friends had us worried, but is seems like they’re just having some fun. We see what they did—they flipped the photo to make it look more dramatic.

Rolling River

Is this what happens when you can’t choose the background for your computer? You end up with four different images that are all similar, but still slightly different.

While this appears to be four photos made into a collage, it’s actually just one taken by a river at the perfect time. The reflection of the tree in the river plus the fence cutting the image perfectly in quarters makes for a great optical illusion.

The Leaning Building

Yikes! What happened to the building? Why is it leaning to the side? Did someone build this house like that? If you thought getting out of the bed in the morning was difficult, think about trying to make it out the door of this house without falling over.

Turns out this photo was taken in the hills of San Francisco. Imagine having to walk up this hill in the dog days of summer.

Amazing Head of Hair

Now this adorable pup would win an award for the best hair. Just check out those luscious locks. It’s really giving Goldilocks a run for her money!

Well actually, there are two dogs in this cute photo. And the one with the amazing hair is just peeking its head through the curl in another fluffy dog’s tail. Are you telling us we’re staring at a dog butt?

Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Wow! This quilt is making us feel all sorts of ways. When you jump into bed do you fall right into one of the boxes? Scary!

This confusing image is actually just the amazing work of a knitter who made a 3D blanket. The colors and pattern really make the bedding look like an optical illusion. It’s pretty cool. But we’re still not sure we’d want to have this on our bed.


What in the what? What happened to this poor woman? Where are her limbs? We know commutes to work can be long, but it appears this one took forever. And we thought our drives to the office were bad!

Luckily, the woman probably has all the bones still in her body—she’s just sitting down and hidden by the girl in the yellow top. Turns out the light pink dress is just a jacket laying over the suitcase.

Keep Off the Grass

A green grass orb right in the middle of a busy park—cool! How did the people get all the way to the top and how are they balancing so effortlessly on the spherical object? And then there’s the trees planted on it. This is just so trippy!

It’s amazing what shadows, angles, and perspective, can make us see. We’re actually just looking at a patch of flat grass in the middle of cobblestone.

Curiosity Confused the Cat

This is some crazy stuff right here. We thought about turning our computers around just to understand what was happening. Don’t worry—we didn’t.

If you’re as confused as we are—the person taking the photo is on the stairs below the cat and the kitty is casually saying hi through the gap in the underside of the next flight of stairs. But doesn’t it look like the stairs are a bit off? Why are they carpeted underneath?

A Cat or a Bird?

Do you know the optical illusion with a young woman and an old woman? What about the one with a rabbit and a duck? This photo is totally giving off those vibes. Do you see a crow or a cat?

Well, there’s no mistaking this one—it’s actually a black cat looking up at us with one of its ears and eyes blending into its body. We’re not going to lie—we totally saw the bird first!

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Why are there just floating arms and legs, but no bodies or heads posing in the sand? We see four arms and two legs, so what happened to the rest of the body parts?

This looks like it’s the work of a serial killer or it belongs in a haunted house. Either way—it’s creeping us out! It’s actually just two people holding a mirror. Do you see it yet?

On the Fence

We don’t know about you, but we were confused with this one at first. The girl in the photo appears to be simultaneously behind and in front of the fence. While her top half seems to be behind the railing, her lower half is definitely in front of it. It’s only when we looked closer that we’ve figured out that the stripe on her shirt is perfectly aligned with the railing to create this illusion.

Half Human-Half Dog

Is this a dog with a human body or a human with a dog head? Either way, it’s something you don’t see every day. Is the seat next to it taken? We have some questions we’d like to ask.

Upon closer look, it’s far less cool—it’s just a pet owner taking a nice nap, resting their head on their dog. It’s still pretty cute though.

A Womannequin

At first glance it looks like this girl has a short torso and she’s showing a bit of skin while shopping for the perfect pair of jeans. We all know the struggle of finding a pair that hugs our curves perfectly!

But the double denim girl is just resting her arm on the lower half of a mannequin. Which begs the question—where’s the upper half of it? If you look closely, you can see her legs behind it.

How Many Hands?

Imagine going to a night club and seeing the following scene: a woman casually resting her hands on her hips while holding a drink in her third hand. We bet you would think twice before going out again. But don’t worry, three-handed humans don’t exist (yet), like this photo suggests.

The woman pictured here is resting one hand on her hip and holding a drink in the other, while the third hand belongs to the guy behind her.

Paranormal Bar

There seems to be some paranormal activity going on in this bar if you ask us. Just look at this girl! She seems to have two faces, simultaneously browsing the drinks on the menu while scanning the crowd around her. Our guess is that she is wondering why everyone else seems so scared when catching sight of her.

Gym Goals

If you lack the motivation to go to the gym, just look at this photo. This woman clearly put in the hard work and has the perfect biceps to go along with her revenge body. So what’s stopping you from hitting the gym?

Jokes aside, this is a great example of how photos can be deceiving. Only when you look closely do you realize that those biceps belong to someone else altogether. Still, you should definitely work out.

The Headless Rider

OMG! You’d have us believing this was a scene straight out of a horror film. What on earth happened to this subway rider’s head? We’ll admit it—it took us a while to make sense of this creepy photo. Do you see it yet?

What looks like the person’s collar is actually just a man wearing a black hooding, leaning to the side. What an illusion! Imagine looking up from your phone on your way home from work and seeing this.

A Day to Remember

These two women decided to take a photo together, looking forward to see the result. They sported a big smile, expecting the photo to capture this sweet moment in time. However, things didn’t turn out exactly the way they pictured it.

The person who took the photo decided to play with the angles and made the left girl look like she had huge hairy arms. Not cool, man. Not cool at all.

What’s That in Your Pocket

We imagine that this is how a pickpocket’s dream looks like: having arms long enough that they can reach inside their victim’s back pocket even if they’re far away. Well, here comes the disappointment. The guy doesn’t actually have unnaturally long arms or some cool gear for pickpocketing; he just happened to walk by this woman at the perfect moment.

Wonder Women

The force is strong with these two. When you first look at the photo, you have a hard time determining what’s actually going on. The blond girl looks like she has exceptionally long legs, while the brunette looks like she wrapped up her tiny legs around the blonde’s waist. Now look at the photo a few more times and see if that’s really what’s happening.


Friends prank each other. That just goes with the territory. While we all love our friends and wish them well, we also like to tease them to show our love. Sometimes, however, that can backfire spectacularly as this photo shows.

The girl on the right wanted to prank her friend but karma instantly got her, as the shadows behind her pulled a trick on her and she ended up having a pair of bunny ears as well.

Breathing Hair

Some people have weird talents and capabilities that enable them to pull of some really neat tricks. The girl on the right is one of them. Her breathing capabilities are so powerful that when she breathes the air through her nose, she also takes in everything near her. This time it was her friend’s hair. We wonder what will be next.

Photobomb Gecko

This woman wanted to have a nice memory of her summer vacation, so she decided to ask her partner to snap a photo of her standing in front of this cool structure against the deep blue sea. This photo would have turned out as planned if it wasn’t for one small detail.

This sly gecko was clearly in the mood for photobombing, so he jumped in front of the camera, making the photo all the more epic.

Discomfort Food

Pizza is arguably everyone’s favorite food, which is why this photo is especially heartbreaking. This woman probably invested much effort into making a pizza for her loved ones and wanted to capture it before it turned into crumbs.

This turned out to be a poor decision, as the pizza just slid off the plate and fell to the ground. One quick call to her local pizza place might’ve saved the night.

Moments Before Impact

Like all animal offspring, baby goats are as cute as a button. They are playful, like to be cuddled, and won’t say no to food. You just need to be careful not to tease them too much.

This girl clearly didn’t get the memo that goats, even when small, can get pretty aggressive when agitated. If the aftermath of this photo is as bad as it looks, she’ll have remembered not to tease goats ever since.

Testing the Water

Most of us have been in this situation. We want to be spontaneous and fun, and that doesn’t always end up well. If you need proof, just take a look at this photo.

The guy was enjoying his drink and minding his own business when the girl decided to surprise him with a hug and get a cool photo out of it. The photo ended up being cool, but we doubt she was happy moments after.

Bigger Fish to Fry

We have seen countless photos of people bragging about the fish they caught, and they’re almost all the same: a person is seen holding a fish in their hand and flashing a big smile. But sometimes the fish isn’t dead, and it leads to awkward situations like this.

This girl was posing for the photo, holding her prized catch, but at least one fish wasn’t in the mood for a photoshoot. Instead, this epic photo was captured.

A Bit Off

Tossing peanuts or gummy bears in the air and trying to catch them with your mouth isn’t all that original, and we’ve all attempted this trick at one time or another. This woman, however, decided to take on this challenge on a whole other level.

She launched a scoop of ice cream into the air and hoped it will land in her mouth. As you can see, she was just a bit off.

Hug It Out

Thanks to perfect timing and the cameraman’s eye for detail, this hug led to a funny and original photo.

When you first look at this image, you think the guy in the photo made some bold fashion choices and applaud his bravery for wearing high heels to work. Who knows, maybe he’s cool with it. It’s only upon further inspection that you understand what’s really going on.

Skinny Legs

Wearing horizontal and vertical stripes all at once is a big no, no in the fashion world, and you can tell by this photo why. This girl’s decision to break the fashion code backfired spectacularly, as everyone now thinks she has shockingly skinny legs.

This is also a good reminder to always look at your photos twice before posting them online.

Let Your Fur Down

Pets and their owners have a special bond, and this photo proves it, if nothing else. Both cat and owner managed to strike the perfect pose and get one epic photo.

Thanks to their synchronizing abilities and their willingness to play around for the camera, we now know how a cat-woman hybrid with an impressive beard would look like. It’s quite impressive, actually.

Searching for the Other Slipper

This photo is a sort of recreation of the classic Cinderella tale. We guess that this woman lost one of her slippers while at the ball, and can’t get over her loss. This is why she is still wearing the other slipper, hoping for a reunion.

Who knows, maybe some charming prince has the missing slipper and is looking for her across town.

Perfect Beach Outfit

Don’t you just love going to the beach and getting lost in the beautiful scenery? Well, now you can actually blend in by taking note of this original outfit.

Unknowingly, this woman managed to find a perfect beach outfit that enables her to walk by the ocean without being noticed. She should really trademark it. We believe it would be a huge hit.

The Long-Haired Ostrich

Before seeing this photo, we imagined ostriches as bald headed birds with long, outstretched legs. But, if we are to believe this photo, there is a sub-species of ostriches that can grow a full head of hair.

Too bad these long-haired ostriches don’t get as much publicity as the bald ones. It would be awesome to see them head banging at a metal concert.

Piggyback Ride

If we ever take part in a piggyback ride, we want it to look like this. At first glance, you don’t even realize who is carrying who here. Maybe the girl in the red coat has extremely long legs, while her friend is tiny, so much so that she can fit on her waist. But then again, maybe it’s all a huge misunderstanding, and something else is going on. Guess we’ll never know.


When in nature, dogs usually enjoy themselves, run around, and chase their tail. But this redhead dog is having none of that. Instead, it seems like he’s contemplating his life choices.

He’s probably wondering how he got to a place in his life where he turned into a lady with long ginger hair and what happened to his two other legs.

Magic Tent

Aladdin has a magic flying carpet that carries him around and aids him in his mischief. This person, on the other hand, went all the way and got themselves a flying tent.

The flying tent is the same as flying carpet, as it can take you anywhere you wish. But the tent, unlike the carpet, can also provide you an enjoyable camping experience. Wise choice.

Ghost Selfie

Don’t freak out. Even though it seems like there’s a ghost in this photo, it doesn’t mean you need to call in the Ghostbusters.

Coming to think about it, this photo is awesome. People are so obsessed with taking selfies that this ghost probably wanted to take part in the action. We are just wondering where this ghost lady will post her mirror selfie. Is there a Ghostagram?

Stripes Are In

According to some reputable fashion magazines out there, wearing stripes is the latest fashion trend. But if you want to join in on the trend but don’t have anything stripy in your closet, don’t worry.

As this lady demonstrates, you can simply get to the nearest crosswalk and use its stripes as a scarf. Not the best solution, but it will do.

Back to School

Kylo Ren is fighting on the Dark Side in the Star Wars universe, but that doesn’t mean he gets to skip on his education. While taking a breather between fights with Jedi masters and spreading his evil doctrine, Ren decided to stop at a local Target and get some school supplies.

Are you also wondering whether he will pick some Star Wars-themed notebooks and pens, or is it just us?

Lick It Up

Kiss’ front man Gene Simmons is known as a man of his word. And, as it turns out, the same goes for his T-shirt prints. Legend has it that this kid’s shirt portrayed Simmons with his mouth closed. But as he saw the ice cream cone on the back of the chair, he just had to “Lick It Up.”

Camera Shy

This photo can be interpreted in multiple ways. The first is that this dog was so thirsty that he didn’t have the patience to wait for his owner to snap her selfie before taking a drink from the toilet.

But, there is always a possibility that his owner wanted to capture this precious moment, but didn’t want to scare her dog by pointing the camera directly at him. So she improvised in the best way possible. If this was really her intention, she pulled off a genius move.

Santa in High Heels

It seems like Santa got tired of his heavy boots and decided to go with a more fashionable choice by putting on a pair of high heels. Judging by this photo, this turned out to be a great choice.

If there’s a chance he reads this, we have a message for him: Santa, you can shelf the boots, because you look absolutely spectacular in red high heels.

Breaking Free

We were taught that pigeons come from eggs, but this photo shows something completely different. As it turns out, illustrated pigeons have the ability to break free from their 2D confinement. While they start out as an illustration, if they are determined enough, they can manage to work their way into existence. Good movie premise, if you ask us.

Angry Passenger

Riding a cab isn’t always a pleasant experience. Cab drivers can sometimes be rude and some try to overcharge you for a ride or don’t exactly drop you off where you want. Well, it seems like this guy has had enough. He decided to get his revenge by peeling the part of the cab’s yellow color and taking it home. That’ll teach them a lesson.

If Only He Knew

This gentleman looks far from happy. He probably needs to be somewhere, and the late metro isn’t doing him any favors. However, his day would be far worse if he knew that he positioned himself perfectly to get a pair of hilarious doggy ears. We just hope that whoever took this photo didn’t show it to him right away.

Blue Rooster

As you probably know, Sikhs wear a turban on their heads as part of their tradition and religious practice. The color of fabric can vary, but the royal blue is among the most common colors as it represents protection and is considered a color of the warrior. This man’s attempt to bring up the warrior within him, however, led to a really funny sight.

He decided to pose for a photo, but little did he know that there was a blue rooster behind him that perfectly blended in with his turban. We wonder whether he found this photo amusing as we do.

Bursting Bubble

Capturing this photo just right must have been a real challenge. How many bubbles did this photographer had to blow in order to get that perfect shot? We guess it wasn’t a small number.

Still, the final outcome is quite awesome, with the statute looking like it’s trying its best to burst the bubble. Well done, sir, well done.

Fire Alarm

At first, we thought that this girl in the middle of the photo is on fire and immediately freaked out. Why is she so calm? Why doesn’t someone help her? And then we realized it. It is just an optical illusion achieved by this playful fire that decided to step out of line a bit. Phew!

Lost in Translation

It’s easy to get lost in a big city. There are just too many streets, crossroads, and remote alleys that even locals have a hard time remembering them all.

The gentleman on the right caught a lucky break while standing on the crosswalk wondering where to go next. He received a sign from above that told him the exact direction he should head next.

Smoking Head

Is this what happens when you think too much?

All in all, most people agree that vaping is pretty bad for you. It’s still a cigarette, when it comes down to it, and nicotine addiction is a real problem.

But we have to admit, it does kind of look cool. We’re not encouraging you to vape, kids! Stay away from that stuff! But if someone’s vaping next to you, it’s OK to appreciate how thick and interesting the smoke looks, especially if it comes out in weird shapes.

Extra Head

Have you ever felt that your head is growing heavy on your shoulders? Perhaps you are thinking too much and can’t catch a break. Well, it seems like this lady managed to find the perfect solution.

Whenever she walks out, she carries one extra head in her bag, which is worry-free and relaxed. This way, when she grows tired and feels stressed, she just swaps her heads and enjoys being carefree.

New Dog Breed

Dogs are evolving, and it doesn’t look good. As you can tell by this photo, there’s a new dog breed in town and it comes with a faucet instead of a face.

We assume that these mutated dogs don’t bark or bite, but defend themselves by shooting streams of water at their target. If you ask us, that’s just as efficient.

The Perfect Match

They say that the opposites attract, and this photo might be enough proof. These two couldn’t be more different. The person on the right is wearing orange clothes and black boots, and is probably working manual labor. The person on the left, on the other hand, is corporate-looking with their all-black clothes and orange socks. But somehow, they look like the perfect match.


These guys could conceivably be Daft Punk out on a relaxing day at the park, but we think it’s far more likely they’re actually space invaders, hiding their horrible alien faces under metallic helmets.

Sure, it may look like they’re just two guys sitting on a bench, the view of their heads obstructed by a light fixture – but we find that unlikely.

Pursuing our suspicions, we’ve had a team of experts analyze this photo – and they came to the unanimous conclusion that they don’t know us and can we please stop calling.

Umbrella Rebellion

The umbrellas had enough mistreatment from humans. They put up with us breaking them, tossing them in the trash, and stealing them from their original owners. Now they are ready to have their revenge. As you can see, they already claimed their first victim, capturing this innocent bystander. For all we know, we could be their next target. Run!


You shouldn’t carry birds in your bag. They are delicate beings and can suffocate inside. This woman decided to fit in a flock of birds in her bag regardless and got what she deserved.

Her bag slipped open, and the birds used the opportunity and made a run for it. For all we know, they’ve joined the illustrated pigeons we’ve seen earlier.


People usually get coffee mugs with some inspirational quote or a print of their favorite pop culture icon to help them start the day in the best way possible. This person, however, decided to embrace the negativity, and, as you can see, it came back to bite them. They gave up on their mornings, and the coffee machine followed suit.

Peek Inside

Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of someone’s inner world by peeking through his magical window. But if you’re really lucky, you are able to see yourself in it.

We could make some snarky comment about this photo, but it would really be a shame. This photo is so beautiful and mesmerizing that it’s best just to appreciate it.

More Stripes

We can’t blame you if you doubted us the first time we said stripes are back in fashion. So here is more proof.

This lady didn’t have time to look for a crosswalk to get her stripe on, so she had to improvise and borrowed some stripes from this pattern on the window. Hey, if it’s stupid but it works, it isn’t stupid.

Light in a Mug

It’s hard to be productive on a cloudy and dreary day when all you want to do is lay on your sofa and watch Netflix. In these situations, most people turn to a cup of coffee to brighten up their morning. But what if that doesn’t work?

Well, you can then take a page from this person’s book and try some light in a mug.


Special agents use many different tactics to catch bad guys. One of the most successful ones is going undercover and watching their target without them realizing it.

After watching countless spy movies, we’ve seen many ways of being undercover, but this one might just be the best. This special agent decided to mask himself as a flower pot, which gave him a perfect cover in a park full of bushes and flowers. The bad guy will never see it coming.

Hot Head

When cartoons characters get angry, they usually have smoke coming out of their heads. Well, as it turns out, this way of showing anger isn’t completely fictional.

If we are to believe this photo, humans can get filled with rage to the point that their heads are engulfed in a cloud of smoke. We just wonder what made this guy so angry that he reacted this way.

“I’m Outta Here”

This girl is so busy with her notes that she doesn’t pay attention to her coffee. Obviously, at some point, this cup of coffee got so tired of being ignored that it decided to break free.

Of course, there’s an option that this could all be an illusion aided by the fountain’s spout, but we would like to believe that the first scenario is the correct one.

Free As a Bird

Isn’t it annoying when your spacious cage gets filled with birds all of a sudden? You just want to have a bird-free cage inside your house, but these winged pests keep on breaking in!

Luckily, it isn’t so hard to get rid of them again. Just walk outside, open the cage, and air it out. And maybe shut it better next time.

This Lamp Has Had Enough

We all have these moments when we hate our job. As much as we may love doing the thing we do, there are times when we simply want to quit.

While most of us just stick it through, some end up deciding it’s best to walk away and find happiness elsewhere. That’s exactly what this lamp did after figuring out it was tired of lighting the way for others.

Holy Emergencies

Judging by this photo, it seems like the church has decided to take an extra step and provide Holy Emergency services.

If you feel like you have a crisis regarding your faith, or perhaps a demon possessed your house, all you have to do is call them up and they will arrive immediately to aid you. You can recognize the service by the cross fitted on their vehicles.

Unattended Child

Someone is really failing as a parent here. They left their child unattended in the middle of the street and, of course, something bad happened. Their toddler decided to get out of his stroller and turn into a bronze statue. Good luck trying to turning him back into a real baby again. Rest of you parents out there, take notice of what happens when you don’t watch over your kids.

Animal Instinct

When we first saw this photo, we thought this doggo had a really reckless owner. There is something seriously wrong with this dog, and it should be taken to the vet. However, upon further inspection we realizes there was nothing wrong with this photo besides our perception. This playful pup just turned his head sideways and tricked us all. Whew!


You’re probably wondering why we added a photo of a black bath rug. There is nothing perfectly timed in a still bath rug, right? Well, take a closer look.

Still don’t see anything? Look again, but this time really closely.

We don’t blame you if you still don’t see anything wrong, because this dog laying on the rug has some mad camouflage abilities.