If you’re familiar with Reddit, you’ll know that it’s a great place to ask all kinds of questions. Whether it’s advice on how to handle a situation or general Q&A, Reddit users are eager to share their experiences and knowledge with others. Redditors did not disappoint when asked about strange objects and what they could be.

What exactly do these stickers mean?

100% thieves monitor who is and is not at home.

Remove them all whenever you see them. Notify your neighbors.

Leave a note for the neighbors and whoever is casing above the mailboxes. They’ll get on with their lives.

Warn all the neighbors then leave a big clear sign saying, “We have spotted tampering with the mailboxes and are monitoring the area” … Hopefully they’ll move on.

Strange object discovered next to someone’s car

Yes, and it’s now your lock pick, the gift that keeps on giving.

Dodgy-looking figure spotted at a friend’s home

“In my city, Mexico, we have a tradition called “Procesión del Silencio,” in which people walk a specific route while dressed in these robes, sometimes in different colors. Sometimes it’s white, sometimes it’s black, and sometimes it’s purple or red. During Santa Week, it refers to a silent march to honor Jesus Christ’s death (when he died, according to the Bible).

As a child, I remember watching it and sometimes participating with my very Catholic grandmother and other family members, and it was always a very eerie experience. After learning about the [Klan] in the United States, it felt strange to see people dressed like that walking around once a year lmao.”

“I believe it originated from a similar tradition in Spain, which evolved over time as it arrived in Mexico, and the rest is history.”

Similarly, during Semana Santa, one of Colombia’s oldest towns performs the same procession. It’s a big deal because it becomes a family tradition; typically, those taking part inherit their spot in the procession, as well as which religious image and which day they participate.

It’s not racist; it’s religious. The [Klan] stole this clothing from the Church.

Her boyfriend told her to never remove this weird disc from her keyring…

The product is Pebblebee.com. Finder 2.0 is a keychain and wallet finder.

Yes, it is a tracker, but not in the way the OP believes. When activated via Bluetooth, it will make a noise. Short range, useful for finding your keys/wallet.

That transitioned quickly from invasive to thoughtful.

Is this some strange ammunition?

Under any circumstances, do not handle suspected UXO.

I agree, it only [took] two photos for me to post and persuade the owner to get rid of it properly.

“…in all circumstances”

You must have overlooked this section.

Here’s an artillery expert.

This is a projectile from the 35228 mm Oerlikon Flab Kan 63/90. (Same gun that is on the Flugabwehrkanonenpanzer Gepard).

Because it has an aluminum dummy fuze (the large cutouts indicate there isn’t enough space for the fuze mechanism) and appears to be painted bluish-grey, it’s a “Übungsgranate” – a Target Practice shot. Be aware that this does not imply that it is inert, as even a TP shot can contain active pyrotechnic devices such as tracers, and I can’t see the bottom of it.

My advice is to call EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal, also known as the “bomb squad”) and they’ll take care of it, because you don’t do demining over the internet.

What sort of weird objects go in there?

Because of the Shabbat, Hasidic Jews fill it with toilet paper squares.

…On Shabbat, both tearing and “measured cutting” are prohibited. I had no idea and had to Google it. The paper is ripped ahead of time and placed in the box. There is also apparently a brand of toilet paper that comes in sheets, eliminating the need for tearing.

What in the thermos-looking hell is this weird object?

This was discovered while hiking in the Swiss Alps. It was made of metal and had a dial on top, similar to that of a safe lock. It’s about a foot long and weighs about 1.5 pounds. I picked it up, took pictures of it, put it back down, and continued on my way. I didn’t give it much thought. WITT?

Wow, you found it? That’s dangerous. This appears to be UXO – a live artillery shell. I’m not sure what it is, and there’s no rifling band (unless it’s rusted away), but the top dial could be a fuse timer. If it’s truly 1.5 lbs, it seems a little light for a shell.

Never pick up anything that looks like this again.

Forbidden snack

My title accurately describes the situation. I looked up several variations of “small green brick.” I assumed it was a dog treat, but there is no discernible smell.

That appears to be rat/rodent poison. Certainly not a dog treat.