The family of a 4-year-old girl who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in October wants to make her birthday as special as possible.

“For a minute, your heart pauses. Everything comes to a halt. You can’t breathe, so you simply attempt to comprehend everything. “Did you know she’s four?” Heather Krings, Delaney’s mother, stated. Delaney Krings of Pewaukee, Wisconsin, was diagnosed with cancer, and her family was told she only had six weeks to live.

This is incredibly heartbreaking. Sharing for those who want to make this little girl happy by sending her a birthday card. Delaney Krings, a four-year-old girl from Wisconsin, is battling fatal brain cancer.

“She brought people brightness and love. That’s why she’s our guardian angel. And she’s reportedly being called elsewhere to fulfill her angel duties,” Heather added.

The 4-year-old is currently being treated at Children’s Hospital of Milwaukee. Her mother and father alternate watching her so she is never alone and always has a loved one by her side. Delaney will be admitted to hospice care the following week. “You can’t really explain to a kid that they won’t be around much longer,” Heather noted.  Delaney will turn five years old on December 16.

Her family is planning a wonderful final birthday for her and has requested that birthday cards be sent from all over the world. They claim to desire a card from every continent if possible.

“As long as she understands what’s going on, she can laugh, hear, see, she recognizes us, she remembers us. You must ignore the clock because what is our objective here? To make the most of whatever time she has left.”

Please keep this girl in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you very much.