Hilton shares her kids — son Phoenix, 16 months, and daughter London, 5 months — with husband Carter Reum

Paris Hilton is celebrating a very special Mother’s Day as a mom of two!

On Sunday, May 12, the multi-talented star shared a heartwarming video on Instagram to mark the occasion, featuring never-before-seen moments with her son Phoenix, 16 months, and daughter London, 5 months, whom she shares with her loving husband Carter Reum.

The video, set to Hilton’s song with Sia, “Fame Won’t Love You,” begins with a touching scene of the couple holding their two children on a picnic blanket. Another adorable clip features Reum playfully moving Phoenix’s arms during a photo shoot, making it look like he’s dancing.

Hilton showcases her special bond with Phoenix as they play together and splash their feet in the pool. There’s also a heartwarming moment where Hilton beams with joy as she gazes at her daughter, London.

She also posted individual videos of London playing with her favorite doll and Phoenix having a blast in the pool and with the family dogs. There’s even a sweet snippet showing Phoenix gently rocking his sister’s chair.

“My first Mother’s Day as a mom of two! My heart is so full today ,” she captioned the photo, adding, “Use #FameWontLoveYou in your Mother’s Day posts so I can see all of your beautiful families .”

Speaking to PEOPLE after the birth of son Phoenix, Hilton expressed, “It’s always been my dream to be a mother,” adding that she and Reum, who welcomed both of their kids via surrogate, “are so excited to start our family together and our hearts are exploding with love for our baby boy.”

Hilton also shared what she found most surprising about motherhood. “It’s just how much love I could have for someone,” she said. “I thought I knew what love was with my husband, but as soon as I met my baby, it’s just this love on another level. He has just changed my life in every way.”

Hilton’s journey to motherhood was filled with secrecy. The DJ took significant measures to keep her son’s birth private, even wearing a disguise to the hospital and not telling anyone, including close family members, about his arrival.

Speaking on her podcast I Am Paris in February 2023, Hilton shared that she waited until a week after Phoenix’s birth to share the news with her friends and family.

“Not even my mom, my sisters, my best friend knew until he was over a week old,” she revealed on the podcast. “It was really nice to have that with Carter, be our own journey together. I just feel like my life has been so public, and I’ve never really had anything be just mine.”

Last year on Mother’s Day, Hilton expressed her gratitude on social media, writing, “So excited to be celebrating my first Mother’s Day with my little angel baby Phoenix.

Being a mom is the most incredible experience I have ever had. It’s a love that cannot be put into words, a feeling that I never knew existed until I held my little prince in my arms.”

She added that watching Phoenix “grow and learn every single day brings me so much happiness and fills my heart with so much love. There is something so special about being a mom, something that I never fully understood until I became one myself.”