Families will celebrate Christmas in a number of ways throughout the next few weeks. For many children, this means visiting Santa and asking him what they want for Christmas in order to have the best Christmas ever. However, not everyone approves of the man in the red outfit.

Many parents have chosen to abandon the concept and starting taking back responsibility for providing their children Christmas presents, claiming that the concept of Santa Claus can be unpleasant. This is currently the subject of a heated dispute.

Nowadays, parents of young children have different perspectives than their parents, grandparents, and even older siblings. They clearly do not rely on Santa Claus’ magic to deliver them gifts on Christmas morning. Some parents, on the other hand, tell their children the truth right away.

TikTok user @the.sierramckenzie posted a problematic video in December 2021. Among the things she says she won’t do in the video are “lying to children about Santa, Santa/Grinch pictures, No presents from Santa…all from mum and dad.”


It’s not unexpected that the video received a lot of attention. Some individuals backed McKenzie, while others thought she was ruining the celebration.

“Why not Santa, it’s fun,” one individual suggested. ” It seems to be popular with children. My brother now regrets what he did to his children.”

“Same, never lied to kids about Santa they know he ain’t real and they still have a great magical day,” one individual agreed.

Others prefer that kids stay kids. “I’m just going to let my kids grow out of it like I did,” someone added. “It’s Christmas magic, complete with cookie-baking, elf-on-the-shelf visits, and an arctic train ride.”

“McKenzie allows her young children to participate in holiday activities such as making wish lists, baking cookies, and watching Christmas movies.” “However, she teaches her young children that Santa is merely a fictitious figure with no influence on their holiday, not an all-knowing demigod who “sees you when you’re sleeping” and “knows if you’ve been nice or evil.”

If you search #santaisntreal on TikTok, you will find many testimonies of people whose parents did not allow them to believe in Santa.

“I never heard from my parents that Santa Claus exists,” one user wrote. “They informed me immediately away that we had purchased this item for you. We do not want you to believe this. I’ve always admired Santa as a character, but I’ve never believed in him.”


In answer to a question on how Santa descends the chimney and why the wrapping paper he used was still in the basement, a TikToker said she teaches these things to her children.

It may appear absurd to create the entire universe in one night and consume all those cookies, but is anyone actually injured by this? Perhaps. According to Sarah Ockwell-Smith, author of The Gentle Parenting Book, parents must take prudence. She told the New York Post that the entire song about pouting, crying, and Santa monitoring isn’t a good concept.

“I’ll tell Santa on you!” the author warned children, “is only going to disrupt holiday joy and make both parents and children stressed.” “The threats continue to escalate until parents are forced to choose between destroying Christmas by carrying them out and appearing to be inconsistent pushovers, or backtracking on what they’ve said.”

No, Santa’s magic does not have to go. Every family has the opportunity to choose their own Christmas magic. Some people associate Christmas with “Ho, Ho, Ho” and reindeer. While some people want to take all of the credit, others prefer to divide the effort between mom and dad.

Not to mention that for many, it is a very religious event. We should respect other people’s traditions and enable them to celebrate Christmas whether or not Santa Claus exists. However, make every effort to avoid disappointing the believers.