Ozzy Osbourne, the legendary frontman of Black Sabbath, recently spoke candidly about his ongoing health battles and his realization that he may have a limited time left. At 74 years old, Ozzy has been contending with Parkinson’s disease and the aftermath of a fall he suffered in 2019.

During a conversation with Rolling Stone UK, Ozzy shared a conversation he had with his wife Sharon, where he mentioned smoking a joint. Sharon expressed concern, warning him about the potential harm it could bring. In response, Ozzy quipped, “How long do you want me to f*cking live for?!”. He acknowledged that he may have roughly ten years left and emphasized how time seems to accelerate as one grows older. Recently celebrating his 41st wedding anniversary with Sharon, Ozzy marveled at the passage of time.

While Ozzy doesn’t fear death, he expressed a desire to avoid a prolonged, painful, and miserable existence. He contemplated the possibility of seeking a quick resolution in Switzerland, drawing from the experience of his father’s battle with cancer. It’s clear that Ozzy values quality of life over mere survival.

Unfortunately, the fall Ozzy experienced in 2019 exacerbated his existing back and neck issues from a bike crash in 2003. Multiple surgeries were required to address these problems, and during one of them, a tumor was discovered. The road to recovery has been challenging for the singer, leaving him physically and mentally drained. Ozzy described the impact of his surgeries, saying, “It’s pretty rough, man, and my balance is all f*cked up.”

Despite these obstacles, Ozzy recognizes that he has outlived many of his peers who struggled with similar issues due to his past battles with drugs and alcohol. Sharon, his devoted wife, attests to the difficult times they have faced together. She highlighted the almost five years of heartache and Ozzy’s endurance through various surgeries. Sharon also noted the rarity of Ozzy being at home for an extended period, considering his history of constant touring.

Nevertheless, Ozzy remains hopeful for one final performance. Taking life one day at a time, he aspires to return to the stage and express his gratitude to his dedicated fans. Ozzy deeply regrets not having the opportunity to officially bid farewell or thank his supporters. Even if he can’t continue with regular performances, his ultimate goal is to be well enough for a single show, where he can thank his fans and say goodbye in his own unique way.

Ozzy Osbourne, the Prince of Darkness, has left an indelible mark on the music industry and the hearts of his fans. While he faces his mortality with courage and candor, his spirit remains unbreakable.