Ozzy Osbourne announced on Twitter on Wednesday that his No More Tours II tour would have to be canceled.

“This is perhaps one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to communicate with my dedicated fans,” the 74-year-old said before going into detail about his health and decision to retire from the stage.

“As you may be aware, I had a serious accident four years ago in which I fractured my spine. All this time, my only goal has been to return to the stage. My vocal range is fantastic. Despite three operations, stem cell therapies, countless physical therapy sessions, and, most recently, the ground-breaking Cybernetics (HAL) treatment, my body is still weak physically,” the musician wrote.

“Believe me when I say that the prospect of disappointing my followers seriously F****S ME UP, more than you would ever know,” he continued. “I never imagined that my days of traveling would end in this way.”

Using the phrase “ideas for where I will be able to play without having to travel from city to city and nation to country,” Sharon Osbourne’s husband alluded to the potential of a residency.

The No More Tours II tour was announced in 2017 but was repeatedly postponed due to Covid illness and other factors.

During this time, Ozzy has been open about his health struggles, discussing his 2020 Parkinson’s diagnosis and his ongoing desire to return to the stage, “I am determined to get back on stage even if I have to be nailed to a board and wheeled on.”

In May 2022, he confirmed that he would have neck surgery, and Sharon stated that the outcome would “define the rest of his life.”

He had the procedure in June 2022 and reported a smooth recovery.

He demonstrated to his fans at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony in Birmingham that he was determined to compete in August 2022.

Ozzy unexpectedly rejoined his Black Sabbath bandmates for the performance, and audiences were blown away by his ability to put on a show.

On Twitter, one delighted fan said, “Ozzy Osbourne’s ability to stand up and perform is the greatest monument to the power of Birmingham.” In contrast, another said, “Seeing Ozzy Osbourne smile has made my evening. You could sense how much it meant to him to finish out the event.”

Let us hope that the legendary rock artist can resume performing.