Airports can be strange places, where people can be found asleep on the ground or frantically attempting to entertain their kids.

All we want to do is get to our destination while trying to survive these long waiting times until take off. Some even go to extreme lengths for comfort.

Scroll down to take a look at these strange but funny things spotted at the airport.

Eagle Has Landed….

Birds of a feather stick together.

Who Needs Luggage Tags?

Just get your picture printed on the suitcase.

You’ll Be Compensated!

How much for a full-body shine?

They Nearly Missed Him

Appears to have his own fan club.

Maybe He Has A Bomb In His Diaper

Every parent can relate to this one….

Dont Forget To Come Up For Air

Who needs to kiss longer than that.

Saving Time

This man seems to have a colourful humor? I like the signal above his head that claims “No jokes.”

You’re Going To Step Aside

He most likely means the music style, or perhaps he may certainly be the king of metallic.


It’s not exactly reassuring flight if you are watching from inside the plane.

No Smelly Fruit

This is a creamy-tasting fruit that smells like rancid rubbish

Not Claustrophobic

Just don’t get caught.

When You Are Feeling Drained.

Relaxation at its best in the airport.

Is This Normal Process?

That safety guard look very intense.

There’s An Issue On The Runway

Imagine seeing that stroll by?

What A Greeting!

This man is reliant on his dad and mom.


What better way to pass your time other than doing a spot of yoga in the departure lounge

This little girl is exhausted.

She did manage to remain on top of a suitcase through the airport.

Passengers were shocked!

However as she walked past them they realised it was only her travel pillow.

People in the arrivals lounge were impressed by this little girls efforts.

Even if they could only make out one word….

Protecting themselves from coronavirus..

Yes, placing placing plastic bags over themselves while queuing at the airport.

Clever way for couples to nap!

Replacement captain for this flight….

This plane managed to back into one another while on the runway

When you are so desperate for some sleep you use your suitcase as a prop.

These guys really did miss their mom.

A comical snap of a jetlagged-looking Nicholas Cage

Pilot Daredevil.

Swedish pilot cooling off with some yoga poses.

Hey Mokie, Over Here!

Name signs have been replaced with

Not The Best View.

Imagine how nerve wrecking that sight would be.