Adam Sandler, 56, was photographed using a cane to assist himself as he walked through Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades area with his wife, Jackie Sandler.

According to the website, the New Yorker’s latest treatment was planned in advance to meet his projects rather than being the consequence of an unexpected accident.

Adam Sandler underwent hip surgery.

The former Saturday Night Live cast member recently participated in the sports thriller Hustle.

“It was coincidental. When they delivered me the script, I knew it was something I’d be excited to work on every day,” the Emmy-nominated actor told Variety.

They have two kids, Sadie (16) and Sunny (13), and he married Jackie, 47, in 2003. Sunny’s Bar Mitzvah was celebrated in May by the couple with the help of a few renowned acquaintances.

“Jennifer [Aniston] was mixing with her pals who were there,” a source told Us exclusively at the time. “Everyone was moving around and dancing. She seemed to be having a good time.”

The 53-year-old Friends alum, who co-starred with Adam in films such as Just Go With It and Murder Mystery, appeared in a TikTok video posted by partygoer Lilah Newark from the event. Taylor Lautner and Peyton List also posed for the video.

In addition to organizing his daughter’s massive parties, The Longest Yard star is cautious about which of his films he allows his children to view.

The New York University alumnus spoke exclusively to Us in January 2020 about his film Uncut Gems, saying, “I don’t even let them see the teaser.  I’m concerned that when my children are old enough to understand, they will be displeased with my conduct.”

Adam, who played jeweler and gambler Howard Ratner in the film, stated at the time that he would be willing to take on more serious roles in the future.

“It’s funny how many people tell you that you should make more films like that. It’s not like people come up to me and say, ‘Here, go make this strange movie,’ you know? I just got lucky,” he explained.

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The comedian also said that his daughters had shown symptoms of wanting to work in the entertainment industry.

“They both enjoy watching it and discussing acting. But we’ll see. They both like watching movies, despite the fact that they are still little children. They appreciate Stranger Things, as well as serious and comedic content. These kids are hilarious. I just know they’re having a good time. They enjoy doing it around the house,” he said at the time.