Most people believe that parrots can mimic humans very well. Yes, some of them resemble feathered tape recorders in essence. However, some parrot breeds exhibit a high level of intellect.

They are engaged in much more than simply repeating back to their parents anything they hear. Watch the bird in front of this video, who even calls herself a “superstar” when prompted.

At the Knoxville Zoo, we witness Einstein, an African Gray parrot, performing a show. The requests range from asking him to imitate autos to singing “Happy Birthday.” It’s a wonderful thing to observe. With each response he provided, he undoubtedly held everyone’s attention. Anyone who saw him perform would have found it worth the ticket cost.

I was astounded by Einstein’s intelligence. He is named EINSTEIN for a reason, I guess. He has a vast vocabulary, and his impressions are astonishing. He excels at so many of them. However, African Gray Parrots are among the most intelligent birds. A live video of him speaking would be fascinating.

He also has such a wonderful demeanor. His responses to expressing emotions, from joy to ennui, were wonderful. It’s fantastic that he is a part of the Knoxville Zoo’s outreach initiative. How perceptive is he? She has spoken at the TED conference. Yes, that’s correct, the location of talks intended to inspire.

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