It is with heavy hearts that we report the tragic incident that took place at an Omaha daycare center. A 1-year-old girl, Ra’Miyah Worthington, lost her life due to being left inside a hot van for an unimaginable five hours. Our deepest condolences go out to the grieving family during this incredibly difficult time.

A preventable tragedy

The Omaha Police Department swiftly apprehended the daycare employee responsible for this heart-wrenching incident. Ryan Williams, the 62-year-old owner and driver of the daycare, has been taken into custody. He is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday to face charges of child abuse by neglect resulting in death.

The exact circumstances surrounding Ra’Miyah’s death have not yet been disclosed. What we do know is that the little one was left inside the van on a scorching hot day. According to the National Weather Service, the temperature in Omaha reached a sweltering 98 degrees Fahrenheit, significantly higher than normal. Car temperatures can soar over 40 degrees in just an hour, even when the weather is not extremely hot.

A heartbreaking oversight

On the day of the incident, Ryan Williams picked up Ra’Miyah and her two siblings, intending to transport them to the Kidz of the Future Child Development Center II. However, while Williams took two of the children out of the van, he became distracted by a crying child and neglected to retrieve Ra’Miyah. Tragically, by the time he realized the little girl was missing, it was too late.

Ra’Miyah was immediately rushed to the Nebraska Medical Center, but sadly, she was pronounced dead shortly after. The Omaha police promptly closed down the daycare center to facilitate their investigation and ensure the safety and well-being of all children.

Honoring Ra’Miyah’s memory

In the wake of this devastating loss, friends of Ra’Miyah’s family have set up a GoFundMe page to assist them with the funeral expenses. The page has garnered an overwhelming response, with over 1,100 donations totalling nearly $35,000. Every contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a difference in helping this grieving family during their time of need.

A plea for justice

Ra’Miyah’s father, Rianna Worthington, expressed his anguish and disbelief at the tragic incident. He questioned how his child could have been forgotten when Williams himself had placed her in the vehicle along with her siblings. The daycare center, which employs an app to update parents on their children’s activities throughout the day, allegedly failed to check in Ra’Miyah. Worthington implores us to piece together the puzzle and recognize that his baby was left in the hot van since the morning.

The child’s mother led a protest in front of the daycare facility, joined by a crowd of supporters. Heartbroken and full of grief, she demanded answers to how her precious child could have been overlooked while her siblings were safely taken off the van. The pain and sorrow felt by the family are immeasurable, and we stand in solidarity with them during this unimaginably difficult time.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the grieving family, and we hope that justice will be served. May little Ra’Miyah rest in peace, forever remembered and cherished in the hearts of those who loved her.