Chy-Niece Thacker, a young woman from Virginia, wrote of an amazing encounter with a police officer who personifies the true meaning of the proverb “to serve and protect.”

In an era when contacts with police have gone viral in recent months and years for all the wrong reasons, her story serves as a reminder that police personnel are true heroes. Every day, thousands of police officers throughout the world go to work to protect us. Risks are frequently present for law enforcement employees, and occasionally they even become victims.

Continue reading to find out what happened when Thacker stopped.

Thacker stopped the vehicle and prepared her license and registration.

Most people are anxious about the prospect of being stopped and having to interact with the police. You will either get a talking-to or a ticket, which is the outcome. However, the kind officer who stopped Thacker was worried for her safety.

He advised not to worry about taking anything away. “Simply inform me if your brake lights are not working.”

The policeman’s name is Officer Billy Jenkins, and he is a member of the Henrico County Police.

Thacker was obviously irritated that she had replaced the lights a month ago.

Chy-Niece was shocked by Officer Jenkins’ answer after telling him what had happened.

However, the policeman didn’t suggest Thacker replace those lights. He didn’t give her a ticket either. When the nervous girl informed Officer Jenkins that Firestone wants to charge $600 for a simple wiring test on the car, he asked her to open the trunk.

Amazingly, Mr. Jenkins had every intention of fixing Thacker’s car without charging her.

The incident moved Thacker, and she grabbed her phone to record the policeman as he quickly changed into a skilled technician.

Officer Jenkins began by touching and inspecting the rear lights. When it didn’t work, he looked at the relay box.

Unexpectedly, the police officer wasn’t ready to give up. He searched everywhere before figuring out what was wrong with the automobile. The incredible story had to be posted on Thacker’s Facebook page, where it immediately became well-known.

More than 500,000 people enjoyed her story of a kind police officer, and hundreds more people shared it. After discovering what had happened, Henrico County Police also shared this information on Facebook.

Officer Jenkins had minimal knowledge of mechanics, which is how he was able to solve Thacker’s automobile issues, claimed a handful of his coworkers.

And not just that. On Thacker’s Facebook post, a different woman wrote that Officer Jenkins had done the same for her.

The woman also described Jenkins as polite and helpful. Isn’t it lovely to read a tale about people who are prepared to support one another no matter what the circumstance?

That’s great, Officer Jenkins. You support the police’s public image. Your town is really lucky to have you, and we are pleased to have you. Like Thacker stated, this is the type of encounter that one doesn’t forget. Officer Jenkins has taught us some basic principles for displaying kindness and charity. Thacker, proceed with caution. We wish you both the best of luck.