Have you ever wondered about the accuracy of prophecies? Well, let’s take a journey into the world of Nostradamus, a renowned French astrologer who fascinated many with his predictions. Although he faced criticism for his techniques, people still ponder over his words even today. In this article, we will delve into Nostradamus’s prophecies about the “City of God” and future events.

The Man Behind the Prophecies

Michel de Nostredame, popularly known as Nostradamus, was a multifaceted figure who lived in the 16th century. Besides his expertise in astrology, he was a pharmacist, a physician, and a clairvoyant. His most famous work, “Les Prophéties,” captured the imagination of people when it was published in 1555.

Decoding the Prophecies

“Les Prophéties” is a collection of 942 poetic quatrains believed to foretell future events on Earth. Nostradamus claimed that these prophecies were based on astrological information. However, many criticized him for his supposed incompetence. Research reveals that a significant portion of “Les Prophéties” is derived from ancient collections, which primarily draw from biblical prophecies and include references to projected historical events.

The Third World War and the “City of God”

Nostradamus spoke about a Third World War in his quatrains, hinting at a conflict that would erupt in the “City of God.” With recent attacks on Israel by the Islamist group Hamas, many believe that these prophecies might be coming true. A closer look into the historical context of Nostradamus’s time suggests that the “City of God” refers to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. According to the French astrologer, a conflict in this city would result in a great leader surrendering, ultimately triggering the Third World War. His words resonate eerily with the present situation:
“In the ‘City of God,’ there will be a powerful thunder,
Two brothers torn apart by chaos, while the city withstands,
The great leader will surrender,
The third great war will begin when the great city is burning.”

The Year 2023: A Revelation

Interestingly, Nostradamus also mentioned a major war slated for the year 2023. His prophecy paints a grim picture of “seven months of Great War,” where people would suffer due to wicked deeds. The French astrologer specifically mentions two cities, Rouen and Evreux, which he believes will not fall into the hands of the king. Additionally, Nostradamus predicts the rise of a third Antichrist in 2023. According to him, the first two Antichrists were represented by Napoleon and Hitler. The chilling words from “Les Prophéties” describe the future in a haunting way:
“The Antichrist will soon destroy the three,
His war will last twenty-seven years,
The unbelievers will be dead, captives, or exiled,
With blood, human bodies, water, and red hail covering the earth.”

Unveiling the Mysteries

As we explore Nostradamus’s prophecies, it’s important to approach them with a critical eye. While some see his predictions as accurate glimpses into the future, others consider them open to interpretation and symbolism. Whether you believe in the mystical world of prophecies or not, there’s no denying the impact Nostradamus has had on popular culture. His words continue to fascinate and intrigue people of all ages.

Remember, the future remains uncertain, and it is up to us to shape the world we live in. So let us cherish each day and strive to make a positive difference in our own unique way.