The future seemed bright for Sage Stallone, Sylvester Stallone’s son, but he hated living in his father’s shadow. Many questions remained unsolved after his passing.

On May 5, 1976, Sage Moonblood Stallone was born in Los Angeles. He was Stallone and Sasha Czack’s first child. Although Sage and his father co-starred in the 1990 blockbuster “Rocky V,” their relationship was far from ideal.

According to reliable sources, the movie legend and his firstborn had trouble getting along. Sage loved the comfortable and opulent lifestyle his father’s job had afforded him, but he wasn’t impressed by Sylvester’s fictional characters.

Friends of the younger Stallone claim that their connection was made worse by Sylvester’s remarks regarding his son’s appearance. The actor would often tease Sage about being too skinny as a child and out of shape as a grown-up.

The Stallones’ actor friend and lifelong neighbor Stephen Wozniak once commented on the father-son bond. He said:

“The love-hate would go back and forth all the time.”

When his father cast the younger Milo Ventimiglia as Rocky Jr. in “Rocky Balboa,” Sage was displeased because he had already played the part of Rocky Jr. in “Rocky V.”

According to close friends, Sage was excited to play the part, but being passed up by his father was a major letdown. For his part, Sylvester was not at all pleased with his son’s disregard for his appearance.

In 1996, when the “Rocky” actor stated that Sage detested going to the gym and preferred abstract art-house films, the battling father and son made their disagreements public. The 76-year-old said Sage ensured he would never be compared to his dad.

The 1985 divorce between Sylvester and Czack, Sage’s mother, was another cause of resentment for the younger Stallone. Additionally, Sage was disappointed in the legendary actor after learning of Sylvester’s liaison with Brigitte Nielsen.

Sage once acknowledged that some of their roles were emotionally charged and required less acting and more in-person expressions as they continued collaborating on films.

In “Rocky V,” when his character raged at Sylvester for being a distant parent, Sage claimed that his performance was hardly acting. Sage claimed that he released his suppressed feelings instead, causing them both to cry. Their bond grew, and they were willing to “do anything for each other.”

When George Braunstein, Sage’s lawyer, was asked how his late client felt about his father, he responded that the late 36-year-old adored and was proud of him.

Sage, 36, was discovered dead in his Studio City home in the 8100 block of Mulholland Terrace in 2012. His attorney revealed that his housekeeper had found his body.

His lawyer, Braunstein, claimed that he displayed no symptoms of depression or mental anguish at the time of his death, for which there were no known causes. Sage reportedly had new life goals, such as getting married. Braunstein said, “He had his whole life ahead of him.”

Sage’s close friends, however, revealed that he battled prescription drug addiction for most of his adult life and appeared dependent on Vicodin and Xanax, which he took for anxiety and other issues.

When Sylvester learned of his son’s passing, he was inconsolable. The actor demanded that his family be given privacy and that the ongoing media investigation into his family cease. He discussed his heartbreaking grief in a TMZ interview. A famous actor in Hollywood said:

“There is no greater pain than when a parent loses a child.”

Sylvester praised his late son’s talent and said his family would miss him always. Several days after his passing, Sage was laid to rest. St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church in Los Angeles hosted a funeral.

His death brought up many issues surrounding Sage’s life and health. The reason for his demise was the subject of numerous rumors. The family of the deceased former teen actor denied rumors that his death was caused by addiction.

According to law enforcement officials, Sage’s house was in disarray when his housekeeper found him. He hadn’t been heard from in days when his mother asked her to go to his apartment.

The housekeeper had visited the residence earlier in the week but had been under strict orders not to knock on Sage’s door or enter her room.

Authorities thought he had been dead for three to four days or even up to a week. Sage cherished his solitude and loved his privacy. Although he reportedly led a luxurious life, his apartment was not impressive, according to close sources.

Authorities said his room was filthy and that it reeked of various odors. In addition, it was littered with trash and covered with food, soda, and cigarettes that had burned.

Two pill bottles were in his drawers. Law enforcement officials revealed that Sage’s death was an accident and not a deliberate act based on all the information they had gathered. Sage’s distraught mother shared additional information about what might have taken his life a few days after his passing.

Czack claimed that despite her warnings, her deceased son had all five teeth extracted simultaneously. Braunstein, Sage’s attorney, argued that the “Daylight” actor consumed a lot of soda and candy bars. This led to the decay of several of his teeth.

Sage visited the dentist despite Czack’s attempts to talk him out, complaining that the procedure was difficult and painful. Unfortunately, he experienced pain following the procedure, which could have made him dependent on painkillers.

Authorities later confirmed that Sage’s death was caused by a heart attack rather than, as was widely believed, an overdose. They didn’t discover any drug traces in his blood. Additionally, it was claimed that his heart condition contributed to his attack.

Sylvester won the Golden Globe for best supporting actor in a motion picture for his work in “Creed” years after the passing of his son. The actor was then questioned about how Sage’s passing affected his career. In response, Sylvester said he wanted to continue honoring Sage’s memory.