Nicole Kidman recently celebrated her 17th anniversary with husband Keith Urban, marking a milestone in their long-lasting relationship. The famous actress and musician have always kept a low profile when it comes to their personal lives, maintaining their privacy throughout the years.

Before her relationship with Keith Urban, Nicole was married to Tom Cruise. Although their marriage ended in divorce, Nicole has never spoken publicly about the details of their split. She admitted that falling in love with Tom was a whirlwind experience that changed her whole perspective on life.

“From the minute Tom and I were married, I wanted to have babies…And we lost a baby early on, so that was really very traumatic. And that’s when it came that we would adopt Bella,” Nicole shared in an interview with Vanity Fair. The couple decided to adopt their daughter Bella when Nicole was just 25 years old, and she mentioned that there is a complicated background to the story that she may share one day.

After ten years of marriage, Tom Cruise announced their separation, leaving Nicole confused and hurt. She felt that being Mrs. Tom Cruise came with the expectation that her own career would suffer. “Once you become Mrs. Tom Cruise, you do know your career is going to die. You’re going to absolutely shoot yourself in the foot,” Nicole explained.

In 2005, Keith Urban entered Nicole’s life, and they have been in a relationship ever since. They chose to keep their romance private, enjoying a quiet bond away from the public eye. Nicole expressed her joy in having found love again with Keith, especially as he is someone in recovery.

“I’ve learned an enormous amount having a relationship with someone who is in recovery. I’m more than willing to walk it with him. The two of us are very committed to our relationship,” Nicole shared. They have faced challenges together but have managed to navigate them and come out stronger. Nicole believes that talking too much about their relationship can jinx it, preferring to keep their love private.

Having a child with Keith has also been a healing experience for Nicole. It took her a long time to become a mother, and she feels immense gratitude for the gift of their daughter Sunday. “It’s a very private thing, but she just has healed me,” Nicole said.

Most recently, Nicole and Keith celebrated their 17th anniversary, a significant milestone in their relationship. Nicole shared a heartfelt message on social media, captioning a picture with “Happy anniversary my love.” It’s clear that their love continues to grow, and their commitment to each other is unwavering.

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