Nick Cannon, the multi-talented entertainer, is always in the spotlight, especially when it comes to his ever-growing family. At 42 years old, he is a proud father to 12 children with six different women. Recently, Cannon sat down with Shorty Da PrinceBrittish Williams, and Andrew Caldwell on Audacy’s 104.1 in St. Louis for The Home Team Morning Show to discuss his latest project, the Future Superstar Tour.

The conversation started with Cannon discussing the tour, where he aims to give talented artists the platform they deserve. Inspired by Berry Gordy II, the founder of Motown, Cannon believes in combining education with entertainment. He plans to bring back the energy of the Wild N Out tour to create a unique experience for the audience.

However, the hosts couldn’t resist but ask about Cannon’s expanding family. They inquired whether he has plans for more children in the future. Cannon admitted that he initially thought he would stop at two, but life had different plans for him. While having 12 children from six different mothers can be financially challenging, Cannon emphasized that he is dedicated to supporting his children. He spends over $3 million per year on child support and ensures that all their needs are met.

One question that came up was whether Cannon provides a monthly allowance to the mothers of his children. Surprisingly, he doesn’t believe in the concept of a fixed monthly allowance. According to Cannon, he provides whatever they need, whenever they need it. He proudly proclaims, “That’s why they call me the provider.” He wants his children and their mothers to feel supported and cared for, and he has always made sure that no request goes unfulfilled.

Despite the complexities of his family dynamics, Cannon insists on moving forward with love and respect for the mothers of his children. He acknowledges the sacrifices they have made and praises their invaluable contribution to bringing his children into the world. Cannon believes that showing love and respect is fundamental, no matter what challenges may arise between them.

As the interview continued, Cannon revealed that becoming a father has been the happiest experience of his life. Although he used to feel surprised and fearful upon discovering he was going to be a father, he now cherishes that moment as the ultimate joy. Even when the hosts playfully teased him about his ‘pull-out game,’ he confidently states that he sees it differently. To him, it’s a testament to his deep connection and intimacy with his partners.

Currently, Nick Cannon has children with various women, including Mariah Carey, Brittany Bell, Alyssa Scott, Abby De La Rosa, Bre Tiesi, and LaNisha Cole. With the love and respect he holds for his children and their mothers, it’s uncertain if Cannon will expand his family further. Only time will tell if he continues to embrace the role of the provider for additional children.

Nick Cannon’s story is a testament to the love, dedication, and respect he has for his ever-growing family. Despite the financial and logistical challenges, he remains committed to ensuring his children’s well-being. As he continues on his journey as a father, Cannon sets an example of unwavering support and admiration for the mothers of his children.