In his latest project, “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist,” Actor Neal McDonough takes on a truly unique role. The film explores what life might look like after the biblical rapture and is directed by Kevin Sorbo, who also stars in the movie. With its release approaching, McDonough recently sat down for an interview with “The Edifi Podcast” to discuss his experience working on the film and to share some insight on his character, Jonathan Stonagal.

McDonough expressed how much of a “blessing” it was to be a part of the cast and revealed his fascination with the powerful decision-makers of our world. In the film, his character represents a wealthy and influential man who plays a significant role in the “Left Behind” storyline. McDonough found it fulfilling to explore how these individuals navigate their path to power and how they utilize it for good or malicious intent.

The actor believes that shedding light on these types of characters can help people become more cautious and discerning about those who aspire to lead but ultimately act in their own self-interest. He emphasized the relatability of the film’s themes, remarking that it touches on the larger scale of events while focusing on the intricate details of the characters’ lives.

Throughout the conversation, McDonough openly talked about his Catholic faith and how it has greatly impacted his life. He expressed deep gratitude for the blessings he has received, including a loving wife, wonderful children, and a varied career. These experiences have humbled him and motivated him to step out of himself to portray characters that make him realize the extent of his fortune.

While being in front of the camera is his “second happiest place on the planet,” McDonough confessed that nothing can beat the joy he feels when spending time with his wife, Ruve McDonough. He has garnered attention in the industry for his refusal to participate in sex scenes, which led to his alleged firing from the show “Scoundrels” in 2010. Furthermore, he avoids on-screen kisses and remains open about these personal boundaries.

Emphasizing the importance of family, McDonough also shared his deep love for parenthood and the values he instills in his children. He and his wife strive to teach their kids the value of hard work and provide them with firsthand experience of life on a movie set. McDonough encourages his children to work diligently and reminds them that good things come to those who remain true to themselves and work hard for their dreams.

As for the lesson he hopes “Left Behind: Rise of the Antichrist” imparts, McDonough emphasized the significance of building faith in both God and oneself. He advised listeners to believe in themselves wholeheartedly and to trust that God always has their backs. McDonough and his family firmly live by these principles and want others to embrace them as well.

He concluded the interview by acknowledging the challenges people face, including criticism and temptation. McDonough encourages individuals to stay true to their values, remain resilient, and keep their faith in God strong.