The Chrisley family, known for their popular show “Chrisley Knows Best,” has been through a lot lately. In addition to Todd and Julie Chrisley’s legal troubles, Todd recently revealed that his mother, Nanny Faye, has been diagnosed with cancer. Let’s take a closer look at what we know about her heartbreaking diagnosis.

The Revelation

Todd shared the news of Nanny Faye’s cancer diagnosis on an episode of the family’s podcast, Chrisley Confessions, that aired on June 16, 2022. He opened up, saying, “My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and she is currently undergoing treatment. We’ve been dealing with this on a weekly basis.”

Keeping It Secret

Nanny Faye had been dealing with her diagnosis since late fall of 2021 but had requested that no one else know. Unfortunately, her illness was revealed during Todd and Julie’s trial, despite the family’s efforts to keep it private. Todd expressed frustration with media intrusion, saying, “The press has been hounding us, sitting outside our doors with long lens cameras, trying to get photos of us.”

A Plea for Privacy

The invasion of privacy extended to Nanny Faye’s home as well, which led Todd to make a heartfelt request for respect. He asked the media and onlookers to understand that his mother is 77 years old and fighting for her life. Todd emphasized, “I would urge the folks who are doing this to understand that she is in a battle for her life.”

Staying Hopeful

While Todd didn’t go into detail about Nanny Faye’s specific treatment, he expressed optimism about her recovery. He shared, “I pray every day, several times a day, that God keeps a healing hand on her.” Todd reminded everyone that challenges are a part of life and that his family is no exception.

Nanny Faye’s Testimony

During Todd and Julie’s trial, Nanny Faye had to give testimony. It was revealed that Julie had transferred ownership of ‘7C’s Productions’ to Nanny Faye without her knowledge. She had signed documents stating that she was the company’s owner, but she claimed to have no memory of it. Nanny Faye denied the allegations against her and insisted that she was not interested in being an owner or shareholder.

A Fading Memory

The court had to request that Nanny Faye stop referring to the lawyer as “honey” during the trial. She explained that her memory was not as sharp as it used to be, saying, “I’m getting up there in years, and I’ve had a lot of experiences. I don’t recall some things.”

The Burden on Nanny Faye

Given Nanny Faye’s illness, it’s understandable that the trial and all the associated stress may have been overwhelming for her. Taking care of everything while battling cancer is no easy task.

Recent Updates

Since Nanny Faye’s condition became public, the Chrisleys have not provided any recent updates. However, fans glimpsed her in an Instagram post celebrating Chase Chrisley’s engagement, where she was seen cuddling with his fiancée, Emmy Medders.

Our thoughts and well wishes go out to Nanny Faye and the entire Chrisley family during this challenging time.