A mother changed her son’s name after six months because she felt uncomfortable telling others about her earlier decision.

Jen Hamilton, 32, claims that when she told people her second son’s name was Aspen, they didn’t always respond favourably.

She expressed her concerns to her sister Julia Koontz, 27, who urged her to just change her name if she wasn’t happy with it.

Jen made sure her husband Brian, a 35-year-old operating room assistant, was on board before they began considering alternative names for their then six-month-old child.

They finally settled on Luke since it represented “light” and it perfectly suited their son, who they claim is always cheerful and smiling.

Luke’s name was changed after a year, but Jen says she is glad she made the decision.

“Aspen simply didn’t seem to match him, so I started to feel quite odd saying it out loud,” Jen, a labor and delivery nurse from Charlotte, North Carolina, explained.

We struggled to find the appropriate name for our second child and eventually settled on Aspen after seeing it on a Pinterest list of outdoor names.

“I assumed it would fit when he was born, but after a few months, I started having difficulties with it.”

When it was suggested that if his name was reduced to “Ass,” he would be bullied, I claimed I hadn’t heard anyone ask his name.

“The name trial was an exciting time for him.”

It’s difficult to name a baby you’ve never met, therefore it was easier now that we knew him.

“Right now, we adore Luke and believe it is perfect for him.”

“We’re quite glad we changed it.”

Jen and Brian struggled to come up with the appropriate name for their son before he was born in 2016. They eventually settled on Aspen as their favorite name.

“We didn’t like the name, but we assumed it would end up being his,” she explained.

But something didn’t feel right after a few months, and when others heard his name, they kept saying, “Ah, that’s fascinating.”

They would never remark things like, “That’s a great name,” and so on. ” I began to feel uneasy when I started discussing his name to others.”

Jen, a mother of two, met with her sister after six months to discuss her options.

“She simply asked why don’t you replace it,” Jen explained. ” It essentially gave me permission to act.”

Because he was still a young man, he had no connection to the name. ” Brian seemed eager to make the move when I chatted with him.

“So we entered a phase of testing on names, similar to putting on clothes,” the speaker explained.

Before agreeing on one, the couple researched the meanings of several generic names.

“We both really liked it,” Jen said after finding that the name Luke meant “light.”

“Our son was always so happy and cheery, so it felt like it was made for him,” the mother explained.

Jen then began the process of legally changing his name, although it took a year to complete due to missing papers.

“I think it should be against the law to pick a name when you’re pregnant,” Jen added.

“We’re quite happy we changed the name since it completely represents who he is,” the team added.

“I want people to know that changing a child’s name after birth is an option if they don’t like it.”

“Luke is aware that he used to go by the name Aspen. It’s a cute part of his story.”