More information about what may have killed Lisa Marie Presley has emerged.

Insiders close to the Presley family revealed to TMZ what the mother-of-four had been up to in the weeks leading up to her death, and it is genuinely shocking.

Before her tragic death, the daughter of Elvis and Priscilla Presley allegedly engaged in a rigorous weight loss regimen. According to rumors, she planned to present the “Elvis” film in the best possible light at the upcoming award ceremonies.

According to the source, Lisa Marie began taking weight-loss medications two months before the Golden Globes.

In reality, she was thought to have lost 40 to 50 pounds six weeks before the Golden Globes.

They also claimed that Lisa Marie was abusing opioids, on which she had been dependent for the previous three years.

During the award ceremony, Lisa Marie Presley conducted two interviews that sparked questions.

The troubled singer was reportedly “gaunt, slurring her words, and so unsteady she had to grab on to a buddy as she spoke,” according to TMZ.

Dr. Drew claimed that watching Lisa Marie’s interviews revealed that she was resuming her drug use.

The 54-year-old reportedly had stomach pains on the morning of her death. The toxicology study results, however, have delayed confirming Lisa Marie Presley’s exact cause of death as of this writing. It may take several months to identify the true problem.

Lisa Marie Presley, like her father, Elvis Presley, struggled with heroin addiction.

Her housekeeper discovered her unconscious and called 911 while her ex-husband Danny Keough, who was living with her then, continued to perform CPR until emergency personnel arrived.

She reportedly checked herself into rehab weeks before divorcing her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, to get help for her drug and alcohol addiction.

Every doctor comes to her quarters, and she has a special detox team that costs $400,000 monthly.

Lisa Marie was being treated for body dysmorphic disorder when she entered rehab about seven years ago, according to the source.

Her mother, Priscila, paid her frequent visits because she was concerned about her daughter’s struggle with drugs and alcohol.

According to the informant, Lisa Marie’s painkiller addiction began when she divorced Michael Jackson, her second ex-husband, and she had a complete mental breakdown before doing so.

She simply lost her balance and fell off the wagon.