For eight years, a former partner mistreated a lady physically and psychologically. She was left with the terrifying worry that he would finally take her life. Thomas Parry, the father of Jessica Tasker’s child and who is 29 years old, beat Jessica Tasker mercilessly.

She has suffered severe physical and psychological harm as a result of the abuse, and it will take years for her to fully heal.

Parry was convicted in March of this year and given a four-and-a-half-year prison term, of which he would serve the first two years on probation. In order to raise public awareness about domestic violence and assist other victims who might be suffering in secret, Jessica is now publicly sharing her experience.

When she first met Parry at the age of 15, she displayed controlling behavior, which later developed into outright abuse.

“He disapproved of me wearing cosmetics to school and forbade me from talking to any of my male friends.” She claimed, “He didn’t want me hanging out with my own friends. He would tear my hair out, punch the back of my head, and other such things. He would hold my jaw and push it down, but he would never strike me in the face.”

Images showing the extent of Jessica’s wounds show bruises on her back, arms, and legs. “He was aware not to leave a mark on my face or something like that. So he would strike my body.” Jessica described setting up an email account and writing messages to her child. In the event that Parry ever managed to murder her.

Jessica after being beaten by her boyfriend

Jessica, however, was beaten so severely in August of last year that she thought she wouldn’t live.

“I deleted everything since I knew Thomas would check my phone right away to see all of my chats and pictures. On the sofa, he approached me and began strangling me,” the woman claimed. “He began to lie on top of me and choke me till I began to pass out. He grabbed my hair and began banging my head on the sofa after I fell asleep.”

Thomas Parry proposed to Jessica the day after the brutal assault, but later that day he attacked her again. “He approached me and began spitting and stamping on me, among other things. After that, he continued to spit on me while pouring juice on me. He made every effort to make me feel less human,” stated Jessica.

Jessica endured years of physical abuse at the hands of her boyfriend

Due to the force Parry used to drive her to the ground and the sustained injury to her legs from the beatings, Jessica said that she needs surgery to repair her jaw. She continued by saying that she mustered the guts to flee her house. Realizing that unless she made the decision to leave, she would never be able to escape the abuse.

“When he wasn’t looking, I mustered up the bravery to flee by the front door and into the street while we were all inside the apartment,” according to Jessica. Jessica showed the pictures to Parry’s family members before seeing her mother. who advised her to contact the police about the situation.

“As I described my experiences to the police, I noticed one of the officers crying. That is how severe my wounds were,” she remarked.

In addition to the physical injuries she sustained, Jessica is now dealing with complicated PTSD. “Emotional abuse is worse than physical violence, in fact. When you look at the images, you could think that’s the worst thing, but what he did to my mind was much worse in my opinion,” she claimed.

Jessica in her ITV interview

“I just feel broken. Some days I feel okay and believe I’m free now and better now, but other days I just break down in tears because it keeps playing in my head. When you feel physically unable to escape the situation and mentally unable to do so. When you’re with someone like that, you feel so terrified to leave because of what they might do or say or anything else about you, but it’s not as terrifying as it appears. I’ve realized now that I do have a voice and that I do deserve more.”

By sharing her experience, Jessica hopes to encourage others to reach out for help. She also hopes that by doing so, people will take stock of their own circumstances and think about leaving violent relationships. “At first I was hesitant and kept everything anonymous, but I thought that by disclosing what happened to me, it might inspire someone else to take action or realize that they need to leave,” she noted.

Parry - Jessica's abuser