A recent story about a mom snooping through her kids’ phones has sparked a heated debate online. Laura Muse, a 41-year-old mom from North Carolina, openly admits to confiscating her 15-year-old son and 17-year-old daughter’s phones at bedtime. However, what really divides opinions is what she does next – she goes through their phones to make sure they’re behaving.

Muse argues that since she pays for their phones, she has the right to snoop. “I own their phones, I pay for the phones. I can go through them whenever I want,” she explains. While some may see this as an invasion of privacy, Muse believes it’s necessary for her to monitor her children’s online activities.

But Muse’s vigilant approach stems from genuine concerns. As a mental health clinician, she is well aware of the dangers that lurk on the internet. Her regular phone checks help protect her kids from engaging in inappropriate behavior and safeguard them from online predators and scammers.

While Muse trusts her children, she has caught them doing things they shouldn’t. For example, she once discovered her son posting shirtless pictures of himself online. Instead of getting angry, she saw it as a teachable moment and discussed the issue with him. Muse understands that nobody is perfect, including her kids, so it’s important for her to keep an eye on things.

Interestingly, Muse is not alone in using this controversial method to keep an eye on her kids. Other parents have also resorted to snooping through their children’s phones to ensure there’s nothing compromising on them. One exasperated mother even shared a TikTok video of herself scrolling through her teen’s phone and expressed frustration over explicit pictures being shared.

Opinions on this matter vary. Some people support the idea, sharing their own experiences of monitoring their children’s devices. However, others argue that it’s important to respect children’s privacy and trust them. Each parent has their own parenting style, and Muse firmly defends her decision by stating the importance of protecting children from the dangers of the internet.

In the end, it seems that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to parenting. Every family has its own dynamics and beliefs, and it’s up to parents to decide how to navigate the challenges of raising children in the digital age.