When looking for a home, most individuals have a long list of criteria. For instance, some people like a specific amount of bedrooms, while others want a sizable lawn or a large garage.

Although individual tastes and preferences vary among prospective buyers, we can all agree there are several characteristics none of us want from or in a new house.

Amber Hall thought she had finally found her dream first home when she entered a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house that was for sale in Centennial, Colorado. According to accounts, she pictured her two children, two dogs, and themselves having fun in the backyard and was particularly pleased with the setting.

Of course, she was not to be aware of the residence’s previous occupants, who were quite slithery.

Amber could hardly wait for her family to occupy the home and make it their own after formally purchasing it. But as she was unloading a weird behavior started in one of her dogs, and alarm bells went off in her thoughts.

She stated: “I was trying to unpack when my dog knelt, and he started walking over here really slowly,” as reported by KOAA.

“I came over to see what he was staring at, thinking it may be a spider or something, and I saw snakes slithering up the wall, and there were two tiny holes right here. So I became anxious.

Yes, you did read that right. Walls with snakes.

According to rumors, the big serpents were curled up within the wall next to the entrance from the garage to the yard. Unsettlingly, Hall could feel the warmth as she moved her hand higher up the wall, indicating that more of the creatures were concealed.

The snakes were “shockingly big,” she said.

Based on the evidence, everyone agrees that they are a type of garter snake. However, they also mention that no one has ever seen their garter snake so large.

“I’m unable to unpack any of my belongings because I’m positive there are snakes in the boxes or under the boxes… It’s as if you climb into bed, and as soon as the sheet touches your foot or something, you rip off the covers or leap out of bed to see if anything is inside.

Amber said the first snake was found a little over a week ago. Ten snakes have been discovered altogether since then.

The terrified mother hired a snake wrangler who has been humanely removing the snakes from the house. According to the size of the snakes, he informed Amber that some of them might have been residing in the home for the previous two years.

While nobody would ever claim to have known they were there, Hall added, “I don’t feel like I’m the first one to find them.”

“It’s complicated. This is my first home, and I’m 42 years old. I’ve worked for it my entire life but can’t enjoy it. My children need to enjoy it. I’m very terrified.”

Amber has already spent nearly $1,000 getting rid of unwelcome house guests. She remarked that she probably wouldn’t feel at ease until the concrete in the house is torn away to reveal where they are residing.

My very worst nightmare! I can only imagine how difficult it must be for Amber and her kids to reside in a snake-infested home.

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