Lindsay Donnelly wanted to prove a point to her husband, and little did she know that her TikTok video would go viral. It all started when her husband made a comment one night, telling her that she ‘does nothing around the house’. Determined to make a statement, Lindsay decided to do exactly what her husband accused her of – nothing – for two straight days.

After the two days were up, Lindsay walked around her home and shared a video of the aftermath of her intentional laziness. As a mother of two kids aged 7 and 4, things were naturally a bit chaotic. The kitchen counter was covered in dirty plates, toys and shoes littered the floor, the sink was full of dirty dishes, the dining room table was piled with even more dirty dishes (serving as an impromptu ironing board), there were heaps of laundry in the living room, and the bathroom looked like a tornado had passed through. It was quite a sight!

The purpose of Lindsay’s video was to highlight the fact that she actually does a lot around the house, but it often goes unnoticed. To take her point further, she even planned a ‘girls trip’ with her friends right after her two days of doing nothing, leaving her husband to deal with the mess. She humorously captioned the video with #marriagehumor.

The video quickly went viral and has been viewed nearly 15 million times in just six days. It has received 2.6 million likes, 64,000 saves, and 19,500 comments. The viral video caught the attention of, who had the opportunity to speak with Lindsay and her husband. And don’t worry, they are a happy and fun-loving couple.

Lindsay shared how it all unfolded. That night, while she was getting the kids ready for bed, her husband was cleaning up in the kitchen. Lindsay noticed that he was in a bad mood and asked him what was wrong. That’s when he made the comment about her doing nothing around the house.

Instead of engaging in a fight or argument, Lindsay took a clever and petty approach that proved her point effectively. She referred to it as ‘making invisible labor visible’. Lindsay reiterated that she does more than enough around the house with all the constant tidying up, picking up shoes, and everything else that adds up.

After a couple of days, Lindsay posted a follow-up video giving her husband a chance to redeem himself with an apology. At the time of filming, he had no idea that the initial video existed, let alone went viral. His response was mostly quiet and unphased, but Lindsay came to his defense, calling him a ‘really good husband’. However, she did express her disapproval of his initial comment, describing it as a ‘poo poo butt move’ (she wanted to use a different word, but her child was nearby). While he did apologize in the video, many viewers were skeptical and commented their doubts.

Despite the mixed comments, Lindsay assures her TikTok followers that her husband is a good father to their two children. In their everyday life beyond TikTok, Lindsay is a photographer who has started a social media marketing agency, while her husband works in venture capital.

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