A brave Missouri mom is receiving a lot of support online after she defended her son who was recently suspended from school for punching his bully. Instead of being upset, she is proud of her son for finally standing up against the torment he endured for years.

In a Facebook post that has been shared more than 145K times, Allison Davis shared the events that led to her son’s suspension. Her son had been subjected to years of abusive treatment from his bully, including taunting, threats, and even physical violence. Despite seeking help from adults, the school failed to take any action to protect him.

The breaking point came when the bully started threatening Drew’s 11-year-old brother. At that moment, Drew decided to take matters into his own hands. He punched the bully, causing him to scream and his friends to finally back off. While this resulted in a suspension for Drew, his mom is not angry at him. Instead, she blames the school for allowing the situation to escalate.

The response on Facebook has been overwhelmingly positive. Many people are praising Drew for standing up for himself when the adults failed to protect him. They believe that sometimes physical action is necessary when dealing with bullies, especially when all other avenues have been exhausted.

The mom’s post has struck a chord with parents everywhere who feel frustrated with the lack of action from schools when it comes to bullying. Commenters on the post shared their own experiences and expressed their support for Drew and his mom.

To show their support, a GoFundMe account has been set up for Drew to help him through this difficult time. The account quickly surpassed its original goal of $300, showing the outpouring of love and support from strangers who believe Drew did the right thing.

It’s important to remember that bullying is a widespread issue affecting about 20% of students between the ages of 12 and 18 nationwide. If your child is being bullied, there are resources available to help. Visit stopbullying.gov for valuable information and guidance on how to handle the situation.

Let’s stand together against bullying and support children like Drew who have the courage to defend themselves when they need it most.