Remi Bader is a fashion and self-esteem influencer. She was made to feel extremely insecure about her weight during a trip to a ranch to ride horses.

The ranch allegedly told her she was too big and asked her to leave. She immediately took to social media to bring this to the attention of her followers. She wants to raise awareness about the weight stigma that curvy people face.

Remi and a group of TikTok influencers decided to spend the day horseback riding. Remi, on the other hand, was told to leave because she was too heavy to ride the horses. Remi was enraged by the weight stigma because it contradicted her values of body confidence.

Remi’s Tiktok account has over 2 million followers. There, she posts realistic reviews of clothes she buys online and battles societal weight stigmas.

Her video about the ranch rejecting her has received over 1.8 million views. The video has a text overlay that says, “Shoutout to Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk for forcing me to leave because I weigh more than 240.”

However, another video of the incident was posted on TikTok. This time, it was a Deep Hollow Ranch employee who goes by the TikTok handle: @Broudy. Keogh. “When you’re not a fat b—-, you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch,” the caption of the weight stigma video read. It was later removed.


I’ve rode horses before and have never had this issue. Please adverise this on your signs for the future.

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Deep Hollow Ranch was reportedly shocked to learn about the TikTok video posted by a teenage employee. They apologized publicly on their Facebook page for the weight stigmatization of Remi. They swear the teen employee did not speak on their behalf because they do not tolerate such behavior.

“It has come to our attention that a TikTok video was posted regarding the ranch, and a teenage employee posted a response that in no way represents or is aligned with the views that the ranch’s owners hold,” the Facebook post stated. “We apologize to anyone offended by this, and we do not condone or agree with any part of that employee’s video.”

There was a lot of outrage in the comments section about the ranch’s weight stigma. Many people questioned the sincerity of Deep Hollow’s apology. Then, one person revealed that the employee who made the derogatory video about Remi was their son. “The employee was Broudy Keogh, the son of Deep Hollow Ranch owners Patrick and Cate Keogh,” Rebecca Jones wrote. “This is appalling in an industry already struggling to attract new clients and keep the equine industry affordable.”

How much weight can a horse carry?

The horse ranch turned down Remi because of her weight. Knowing what the experts say about the subject might be a good idea. So, what is the most weight that a horse can carry on its back?

Horses can carry up to 20% of their body weight, according to the University of Minnesota Extention. As a result, a smaller horse would have to carry a smaller person.

These findings came from a study conducted by Ohio University in 2008. The researchers had the horse test subjects carry loads ranging from 15% of their body weight to 20%, 25%, and 35%.

In short, they chose a light-riding horse capable of carrying 20% of its body weight. Hopefully, this will allow ranches to work around societal weight stigmas in the future.