“I never forgot the gift I’d been given,” the singer wrote.

Losing a dog is like losing a family member since our canine companions are family.

Miley Cyrus broke the heartbreaking news that her dog had died.

Mary Jane, the Pit Bull hybrid, was a rescue dog. Miley gave her a new lease on life, and Mary Jane knew precisely how to show her appreciation: by becoming the best dog, anyone could ever ask for.

The “Midnight Sky” singer revealed that her dog was diagnosed with cancer more than a year ago. “Anyone who knows me, and it doesn’t have to be well, is aware that my dearest pal in the whole world is a rescued pit bull mix named Mary Jane,” she posted on Instagram before discussing the dog’s medical condition.

“It wasn’t the first time someone had encouraged me to enjoy her one-of-a-kind character, so the suggestion didn’t surprise me. I’d been doing it for a decade.”

The singer went on to remark that while it is easy to “take things for granted” and “let tiny miracles pass you by without moments of thanks,” she “never once forgot the gift I had been given” when Mary Jane was in her life.

“As she exhaled her last breath, I thanked her repeatedly for everything she had done for me and been to me. It was something more significant than a friend or family member. Something new and unique. It is impossible to define.”

“Our communication was truly divine. An unrivaled affection,” the singer continued. “We have never purposefully harmed one another with anything we have said or done. We’ve never argued and then gone to bed angry. We have never wavered in our devotion.”

When Miley’s heart was broken, Mary Jane was always there to help heal it.

The singer did everything she could to give Mary Jane a pain-free life in her final days.

“Even though she is no longer in pain, I am. That is the core of love,” she continued. “Mary Jane died with dignity, elegance, calm, and power.”

As her guiding principle throughout her life, she treated everyone with respect and compassion. She could be brave when necessary, but never for an extended time.

“She would never close the door to her soul. She lived such an open life. “The power to love and be loved,” she continued. “Oh, Mary Jane was a better representation of all of us!”

Miley uploaded gorgeous images and videos of herself and Mary Jane, praising her furry friend for their beautiful times together.

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