Mike Wolfe, American Pickers star, posted a very solemn post to Instagram – he had experienced a tragic loss. A very close and beloved friend had died—a fantastic man who had appeared on American Pickers.

Mike Wolfe paid tribute to his pal on his Instagram account. A collage of images and video snippets showcasing his beloved buddy, Bob Peterson, was featured in the memorial.

According to Mike Wolfe’s sorrowful Instagram post, he recently lost a close friend and mentor.

He stated that people looked up to him for more than simply his mechanical abilities. Everyone admired Bob Peterson for how he lived his life and the man he was.

Mike’s touching post made it evident that his close friend Bob had significantly impacted him and will live on in his heart forever.

“Bob was an example of someone who loved life and enthusiastically embraced each day. Always willing to assist with such conviction and, of course, fun.

He belonged to a period that we can only fantasize about now. He made my life and so many others better… He’ll be sorely missed. My friend, I love you.”

Mike Wolfe says that he learned a lot from Bob and that he impacted his life forever. The American Pickers star ended his statement by expressing how much he loved his friend and how much he would be missed.

Fans of American Pickers flooded into the comments section to express their sympathies to Mike Wolfe following his tragic death.

“Man, such a sweet chuckle and cool disposition,” one person wrote in a comment that was liked over a dozen times. “My brother, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“I loved seeing him and Robbie work on projects,” said another enthusiast.

Fans of American Pickers agreed with Mike Wolfe that Bob was a true find. And he was a pleasure to watch on the show.

Peace be with you, Bob Peterson.