Fans of Good Morning America have noticed the absence of co-host Michael Strahan from the show in recent days. According to People, Strahan has been missing since late October due to personal family matters. While the specific details were not disclosed, a statement from ABC expressed appreciation for everyone’s thoughts and concerns.

Strahan’s absence has extended beyond Good Morning America as well. Fox Sports confirmed that he is dealing with a personal family matter, which is why he has not been present on their show either. The former NFL star, who is a father of four, has also remained silent on social media.

This is a developing situation, and Mamas Uncut will continue to update this article with any new information. Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael Strahan and his family during this time. We hope everything is okay.


Michael Strahan has reached a settlement in his claims against his ex-wife regarding the alleged abuse of their 16-year-old twin daughters, Sophia and Isabella. The former NFL star accused Jean Strahan of engaging in a pattern of abusive conduct towards their daughters.

According to court documents, the couple, who divorced in 2006, has agreed to a shared custody arrangement. While the girls have been living with their mother in North Carolina, she has agreed to obtain an apartment in New York City so that the girls can attend high school there, closer to their father.

The ex-couple has a history of legal disputes, with Jean claiming that Michael owed her annual cost of living adjustments for child support payments. Michael, on the other hand, alleged that Jean was not only physically and emotionally abusive towards their daughters but also failed to comply with court-ordered therapy sessions and allowed them to miss important extracurricular activities.

Let us hope that both parties can put their differences aside and co-parent in a healthy and peaceful manner for the well-being of their daughters.