Michael J. Fox, the beloved actor, had an unforgettable night at Glastonbury when he joined Coldplay on stage. The experience was not only emotional for Fox but also for his fans, who witnessed his moving performances.

Taking to social media the next day, Fox expressed his overwhelming gratitude to the people who made the night possible and shared his thoughts about the experience.

In an Instagram post, Fox shared several photos and a video from his time in Glastonbury. He began by thanking his team and the Coldplay crew, who took great care of him and his team.

He expressed his appreciation for Chris, Will, Johnny, Guy, and Phil from Coldplay, acknowledging that they made the night truly special.

And how was the experience? Well, Fox summed it up with one word: “mind-blowing.” He described the performance as something beyond his wildest imagination. There is a time for every band and a band for every time, and Coldplay’s time is now. Fox promised to share more pictures from the memorable night.

The surprise collaboration between Coldplay and Michael J. Fox took place in Glastonbury, England on June 29. With his electric guitar in hand, Fox demonstrated his incredible skills as he jammed to the songs “Humankind” and “Fix You.” Videos of his performances have left audiences feeling exhilarated.

Chris Martin, Coldplay’s frontman, revealed that Fox’s iconic scene in Back to the Future where he plays Johnny B. Goode inspired him to start a band. So, for Martin, the opportunity to perform with his hero was more than special. As he stood before the roaring crowd, Martin expressed his gratitude to Michael and credited him for the band’s formation.

The collaboration between Michael J. Fox and Coldplay was nothing short of extraordinary. It was a moment where two worlds collided, creating magic on stage. Fans of both the actor and the band were treated to a performance they will never forget.

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